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The Power of Written Goals

Do you have your 2011 yearly goals written down? Do you have your 90-day goals written down? Your weekly goals? How about your daily goals?

Do you have your 2011 yearly goals written down? Do you have your 90-day goals written down? Your weekly goals? How about your daily goals? I dare say that the vast majority of business owners in our industry would have to admit that they do not have these written goals and therein lies a gigantic blunder.

Did you know that upwards of eighty-five per cent of all written goals come to fruition? With that being the case, why don’t more owners use this incredibly powerful tactic? First off, most probably had no idea that was true and secondly most are living in a situation called the tyranny of the urgent. They are dealing with day to day situations all day long and never get to thinking about or planning for the future.

Can you imagine large companies like Apple, Microsoft or Starbucks not planning for the future? Why should your company be any different? In the remainder of this article, I will give you a number of reasons that will illustrate that if you start to plan, set goals, get very detailed in your planning and write it all down, the chances of your success will skyrocket!!

1. Determine what your dreams are in life.
The reason that this is vitally important is that your dreams are your fuel to keep you going. When you get down in the dumps your dreams will stir you to action. When you might want to quit or get into a funk, remembering your dreams will get you back to work. Also, the bigger the dream the bigger the obstacle you can overcome. Yet another volley in the ongoing performance wars:

2. Make a goal book.
I have one for every year. In it I have my personal and business goals for the year, business goals for each quarter, yearly financial goals, my affirmations and my lifelong bucket list. I look at it often and it keeps me accountable and it is lots of fun to make. It sits right on my desk, so I see it all the time.

3. Determine your goals with the end in mind.
This is an extremely important concept and I will use the illustration of my Sales Manager in making this point. Every quarter we determine her sales goal. As of today, we want her to bring in $20,000 in new business each month. By the way, she is paid a salary plus a bonus of three to five percent of what she generates.

The $20,000 is the starting point and is the focal point of her planning. Great, so she needs to bring in $20,000, so the question arises, “Where is that money going to come from?” It won’t just walk in the door, so she has to figure out what referral sources will bring in that work. Once we have determined that, then she has to make strategies for talking to those people and then she has to plan when and where she is going to meet them.

As you can see, a lot of planning goes into bringing in that $20,000 and without the planning, she would be very inefficient and would be just running to and fro. She takes one week at the beginning of each quarter to plan her next three months. Additionally, one day a week she spends in the office generating reports for me and then planning her next week.

If you do not have a Sales Manager, guess what, that position belongs to you. For successful marketing you will have to set some time aside and make a plan and then work your plan. It certainly is time well spent.

4. How high do you make a goal?
One rule of thumb is very telling and works well. Your goals should make your stomach a bit upset. If that happens then your goal is probably lofty enough.

5. Seven steps to creating your goals.
  1. Make your goals smart. Specific, Measurable, Attainable (or Accountable), Reasonable and Time sensitive.
  2. Decide what you want. Pretty amazing to think that PEOPLE DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY WANT BUT IT IS TRUE. Do you know what you want?
  3. Write your goals down. Write them everywhere. At my office we have seven 8ft. x 4ft. dry erase boards. You can purchase them from a big box store in the shower area as shower walls for only $11. We have our past weekly sales for every week of the last three years. Also, we have our goals for the Sales Manager, tasks for the Office Manager and Office Assistant, weekly up-sell statistics for the past month for all of our techs and other important facts listed on these boards.
  4. Determine the price to be paid. Your goals come at a price which might mean time, money, hard work and taking risks. Think about each goal and consider if you are willing pay the price to make that goal come true.
  5. Take immediate action. If not now, when? The time for action is now; Bill Gates said the key to success is to “Be in the Right Industry at the Right Time and take MASSIVE Action.” Do something toward your goals every single day. Join the five o’clock club and begin your day with a couple hours of uninterrupted proactive quality time. You think you don’t have time to think and plan, well, do it in those two early morning hours and you will be amazed how much you can accomplish.
  6. Make an affirmation. An affirmation is saying something about what you want as if you already have it. For instance you might say, “I have sales of $20,000 a week and make a profit of $15,000 a month. My technicians are incredible up-sellers and my office staff is magnificent.” You could go on and on but you get the point. Your sales may be far below what you say and your technicians and office personnel may be far from great but the affirmation says otherwise. The affirmation can be outrageous but it must be believable. Put it at your desk and on your mirror and say it out loud once or twice a day. Affirmations are powerful and they work and you ought to give them a try.
  7. Decide to never quit, no matter what. The Spanish explorer Cortez landed in Mexico and promptly burned his ships negating any thoughts of turning back. You could say he was committed to his work. Being in the carpet cleaning and restoration industries, we are in the right industry at the right time so be grateful for all the opportunities that are staring you in the face. Don’t quit, get your plan and goals written down, roll up your sleeves and get to work. If others can be fabulously successful in this business, why can’t you? Plan on it!

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