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10 Ways to Get Unstuck

Many carpet cleaning/ restoration companies seem to grow to a certain size and then proceed to get stuck there for years and years. Why is that and what can be done about it?

Many carpet cleaning/ restoration companies seem to grow to a certain size and then proceed to get stuck there for years and years. Why is that and what can be done about it?

If you could move your business from $150,000 in yearly sales to $400,000, how would that change your life? What about $400,000 to a million? Perhaps you have been working for years and years and can’t seem to get ahead or have a lifestyle that allows you to do what you really want to do. Let’s face it; you may be stuck and wondering what this “Be your own boss” thing is all about. Here’s one thought that may encourage you somewhat; you are not alone! Millions of business owners are stuck, so the more important question is, “How does one get unstuck?” Let’s examine 10 ways to get unstuck.

1. Ask yourself, ”Am I really stuck or it is something deeper that keeps me from growing?”
Being vague can sometimes allow you to not really seek a solution but instead it can feel good and cause you to not look for real solutions. Just to say, “I am stuck,” can hide the real reason you are not bettering your life or business. Ask yourself more revealing questions. Am I afraid? Am I lazy? Am I overwhelmed? Am I doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results?

2. If an industry leader bought your company what would that person do differently?
If Bill Gates decided that your company, Acme Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, would be a good purchase and he took over your company, what would he do that you aren’t? Do you think your company would stay stuck for years into the future? Sure, he is really smart but don’t you think that you have some good business sense, too? I bet you do. Make a list of what a genius business mind would do with your business and do some mind mapping and free thinking. Have some fun doing it.

3. Examine your time spent outside of your comfort zone.
If an outside business consultant came in and asked you to describe your work week and what you did Mon.- Sat., would he be impressed or depressed. Leaving your comfort zone to do those important things you don’t like to do but know you have to can lead to big successes. Are you spending the time marketing, planning and implementing strategies that you know you should be? If not, why not and when are you going to start?

4. Start today.
 Item number three is probably the biggest factor in being stuck and the best way to fix it, is to start today, one step at a time. Make your body and mind move. Often the problem seems so overwhelming that we think the solution is huge, when in reality, it is one small daily step at a time. In most cases an increase in sales will fix most problems, so decide to get out there and implement your marketing strategy.

It’s pretty difficult to get unstuck unless you make a game plan to change your workweek activities. Just going by the seat of your pants and constantly reacting to situations and problems is a beautiful example of how to stay stuck for a very long time. Taking control of your business by actually planning your future for some reason is very, very difficult for many business owners but is essential for growth and getting out of a rut. Great businesses plan…does yours?

6. Reward yourself.
Hopefully in your business, the majority of your people are paid on some sort of incentive basis. That idea is a great topic for an upcoming article I’ll be writing, by the way. Why not have an incentive program for yourself. When you accomplish a task, why not reward yourself with, depending on the size of the task, an ice cream cone; a dinner date with your spouse; a golf or fishing trip; a Disney vacation or, perhaps a trip to Europe. I find that I can very easily trick myself and make myself work harder when I have a prize waiting at the finalizing of my task. Try it, you might get addicted to it!

7. Will a coach help me?
Sometimes we can use outside help to jumpstart our businesses. Good coaches are not cheap but the results can be life changing. If you are going to use a coach, make sure you know the terms before beginning and that you are comfortable with them and that you can drop out easily. There are times when just a few sessions with a coach is all you need and sometimes it can take years. Everybody is different, so just make sure that you are in charge of the terms, after all it is your life and, in the end, you know what is best for you.

8. Can you delegate better?
 Often business owners are stuck because they feel that only they can do certain tasks. You may be good at a lot of stuff but you will be pleasantly surprised that others can do jobs in your organization as good, if not better than you. Make a list of everything you do and then make a game plan for others taking those responsibilities over time. Look at every task in one of three ways… Can someone else do it (Is it something the owner should be doing)?…Does it really need to be done?...Can it be done in a better fashion?

9. Make a list. What two to three things could you do immediately to move forward to change your business for the better?
We already talked about having a written strategy but that should be very extensive and a major project. Right now I am talking about doing a few items that you know you should be doing but for some stupid reason, you aren’t doing them. I said just two or three because if we concentrate on more than just a few, we won’t budge and we’ll be stuck again.

10. Do those items in number nine in the next 72 hours.
Write your commitment down, watch how immediate action will change your frame of mind and be willing to enrich the world and not merely make a living. Real success is adding value to others’ lives so why not get started right now and perhaps great value will be added to your life, too.

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