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3M launches Maintenance Analysis Program; reformulates Scotchgard

March 20, 2001
3M Commercial Care has introduced a maintenance analysis program for work loading, scheduling and budgeting custodial activities. The 3M Maintenance Analysis Program (M.A.P.) provides tools for in-house cleaning departments and cleaning contractors to effectively calculate, track, manage, and control cleaning and maintenance costs. Key M.A.P. facility maintenance management functions are: budget reports; schedules; order entry system; order history; custom output; and flexible editing.

3M Commercial Care has also introduced a much-awaited new formulation of its Scotchgard protector for carpet and upholstery. The new product remains butyl-free and replaces the previous Scotchgard brand protector from 3M. The diluted protector stays in solution, even in hard water and there is less need for mixing a new solution for every application, the company says. For spills, 3M says it has improved water repellency.