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3M unveils its Twist ‘n Fill Chemical Management System

December 13, 2000
The 3M Twist ‘n Fill Chemical Management System is a system that uses gravity to measure and mix concentrated chemicals. The Twist ‘n Fill system is a portable, compact, gravity-fed dilution device designed to accurately dispense and dilute concentrated cleaning solutions. The system automatically dilutes and dispenses more than 30 different chemicals, one at a time, through the use of a single, compact dispenser that can be mounted on a wall or cart.

To use the system, a cleaning and maintenance professional inserts a two-liter bottle of 3M cleaning chemical concentrate into the 3M Twist ‘n Fill dispenser; twists the bottle on; fills the container; and twists the bottle off. The 3M Twist ‘n Fill system’s design eliminates direct employee contact with chemical concentrates.