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Welcome to the Coach's Corner!

September 14, 2011

Coach’s Corner is a new column conceived to address technical aspects of the carpet-cleaning operation, as well as the upholstery cleaning operation.

The aim of the column is to take the cleaning operation and slice it into as many smaller segments as possible, thus thoroughly analyzing each step of the operation as it unfolds from the beginning.

The column is going to be my viewpoint on these subjects. I am hoping that it will encourage discussion from and among you, the readers, and let you expand on or counter those viewpoints. I only know what I know. The real wealth of knowledge lies in the industry.

Why call it “Coach’s Corner”? It’s a play on my background as a high school math teacher and football and basketball coach. My coaching included stints in Arizona, California, and Texas. The highlight was coaching a team that won a football state championship in Texas. Many of my friends and former players still refer to me as “coach”.

My introduction to the carpet cleaning industry began when a partner and I purchased a carpet cleaning and carpet dyeing franchise in Waco, Texas. We were aggressive and grew well in a small market. We took what we learned and started our own franchise organization, Rainbow International. My responsibilities centered on the operations side of the organization, developing a department to train and assist new franchisees, as well as formulating cleaning solutions.

For the past 19 years I have been employed by Chemspec Inc., in many capacities, my current position being director of education. I am also an IICRC instructor.

Keeping with the theme, the column will feature segments designated with sports terminology, such as instant replay (referring to a previous segment), extra point (a segment which features input from a reader), pinch hitter (input from another “coach”), time out (a reader’s question), etc.

To help encourage reader input, a $100 Chemspec gift certificate will be presented each month to the reader whose comments on a previous topic are selected for publication. Also, we want to encourage readers to submit questions about any technical issue. If I don’t know the answer (remember, I only know what I know), I’ll call upon several of my friends in the industry to suggest an appropriate answer. A $100 Chemspec gift certificate will be given to the reader whose question is chosen that month. You can start sending those questions to me now at nfrank@chemspecworld.com.

Coming in October: Man vs. Machine – An Overview of the Cleaning Process.

Coming in November: Preparation of Dry Soil Removal.