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2012 Truckmount Equipment & Accessories Guide

January 16, 2012
Welcome to the 2012 Truckmount Equipment & Accessories Guide, the cleaning and restoration industry’s premier truckmount specifications resource

Welcome to the 2012 Truckmount Equipment & Accessories Guide, the cleaning and restoration industry’s premier truckmount specifications resource. This is where you will find the cornerstones of the truckmount industry.

The listings found here are manufacturer supplied, as are any claims of performance or standing. For detailed listings of makes, models, accessories and more, go to www.icsmag.com and click on “Truckmount Showcases,” where you’ll find every detail your heart desires. For additional information, contact the manufacturer.

From accessories offered, blowers used, disposal systems included and filtering systems employed, to information on holding tanks, solutions pumps, vacuum hoses and prices, we’ve worked to make your search for your new truckmount as painless as possible.

Butler Corp., The

Butler Corp., The

251 Moody St.

Ludlow, MA 01056

Phone: (800) 535-5025

Fax: (413) 589-9344


The Butler Corporation, located in Central New England, has been manufacturing the Butler System, for over 30 years and is recognized for quality, value and exceptional customer service. The Butler Corporation is the only manufacturer in the industry to provide factory-direct sales, service and support, a 10-year warranty, a buy-back guarantee, factory reconditioned Butler Systems and a large selection of vans, cube vans and trucks. The latest technology, combined with the company’s tradition of hands on craftsmanship, truly defines the Butler System. No other cleaning machine is simpler to operate, easier to maintain, more reliable, lasts longer, or has a greater resale value.

Century 400

Century 400

325 S. Price Rd.

Chandler, AZ 85224

Phone: (800) 752-1777

Fax: (480) 786-5724

Email: ed.gillette@karcherna.com

Web: www.century400.com


Priced for profit... Built for Productivity.

The Century 400 Avenger 550 and 600 truckmounts are the affordable choice for professional cleaners who need a fully featured truckmount in a simple-to-use, down to business machine. Youíll find generous heat and powerful vacuum in these single wand workhorses. Built with the finest quality parts and components, the Avenger truckmounts are reliable and economical to operate.

Century 400 is part of KÄRCHER North America.

Cleanco Truckmounts

Cleanco Truckmounts

Esteam Manufacturing Ltd.

3750 19th St. N.E.

Calgary, AB T2E 6V2  Canada

Phone: (403) 291-7050; (800) 653-8338

Fax: (403) 291-0546

Email: lquerin@cleanco.com

Web: www.cleanco.com


Cleanco Truckmounts, a division of Esteam Cleaning Systems, has been providing the cleaning and restoration industries quality direct drive extraction systems since 1977. The Compact series of Cleanco Truckmounts excels compared to other brands in its class for power, heat, fuel efficiency and whisper quiet operation. In as little as 25î of space, a Cleanco Compact produces between 390-560 CFM, up to 240F working water temperature and consumes only 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour. Available in three models, Cleanco Compact Truckmounts are built with the finest components to work day in and day out for you and your business.

Also under the Cleanco brand are two Slide In truckmounted extractors: the Charger II and Cruiser. These units offer between 18-25HP and provide maximum heat without having to bypass water to the waste tank.

Cleanco Truckmounts’ parent company, Esteam Cleaning Systems, manufactures portable hot water extractors, chemical solutions and a full line of complimentary accessories for the professional carpet cleaning and restoration industries.

Dri-Eaz Products

Dri-Eaz Products

A Legends Brand Company

15180 Josh Wilson Rd.

Burlington, WA 98233

Phone: (800) 932-3030

Fax: (360) 757-7950

Email: sales@dri-eaz.com

Web: www.dri-eaz.com


Dri-Eaz Big Gulp truckmounts simplify extraction while they maximize water removal on flood jobs. Choose from the Big Gulp 3500, with its narrow footprint and premium components, or the Big Gulp 4500, the ultimate extraction powerhouse with 16 in. Hg, flows up to 708 CFM and two 2.5-in. vacuum ports. With their simplified operation and maintenance, Big Gulp flood extraction truckmounts are perfect for water damage jobs. Designed and engineered by truckmount veterans and constructed with premium quality components throughout, Big Gulp truckmounts will provide reliable service for years to come.



11015 47th Ave. W.

Mukilteo, WA 98275

Phone: (425) 775-7272; (800) 426-1301

Fax: (425) 771-7156

Email: sales@hydramaster.com

Web: www.hydramaster.com


If you’re looking for the right truckmount and chemicals to maximize your productivity, there’s no better choice than HydraMaster. We got our start back in 1971 and have been perfecting our machines and chemicals ever since - because a company doesn’t become a trusted leader in the industry by offering anything less than the highest performance possible.

At HydraMaster, we’re so sure of our machines, we even offer the best warranty in the business (2 years parts & labor). We also support you with one of the largest distributor networks and most experienced engineering team in the industry.

You won’t find better service after the sale, either. Whether you need parts or just an answer to a question about how to use a specific chemical solution, you’ll be treated like youíre our only customer. We also help you succeed in your business by offering education and training programs and by supplying marketing materials. That’s because our goal isn’t just to sell you the best machine or chemicals money can buy. We’re here to help you work smarter.

Hydroforce Distributing

Hydroforce Distributing

4282 S. 590 W

Salt Lake City, UT 84123

Phone: (801) 268-2673

Fax: (801) 268-3856

Web: www.hydroforce.com


Hydro-Force™ manufactures the industry’s broadest array of chemicals, accessories, tools and equipment. Hydro-Force has a long history of innovation, going back to its roots when the Hank’s brothers pioneered the use of injection sprayers, now an industry standard all over the world. Hydro-Force cleaning innovations include the SX7 and SX15 hard surface tools, Gekko hand tools, the Hydro-Kinetic Upholstery Tool, E-TES SD and the Hydro-Well. Hydro-Force has also expanded with a full line of stone, hard surface, tile and grout, and leather cleaning chemicals.

Masterblend Inc.

Masterblend Inc.

5285 Fox St.

Denver, CO 80216

Phone: (800) 525-9644; (303) 373-0702

Fax: (303) 373-4968

Web: www.masterblend.net


MasterBlend is a team of individuals with over 50 years combined hands-on experience in the cleaning industry. Each person is committed to advancing the professionalism of the industry and customer satisfaction.  We manufacture a wide variety of carpet cleaning equipment and cleaning products - providing the professional carpet cleaner with premium performance they can count on, along with first-rate field support to handle any obstacle they may encounter. MasterBlend also believes in educating the professional - because your success is our success. Therefore, in this ever-changing industry, it is important to stay on top of the newest standards and requirements issued by The Clean Trust (IICRC). That is why MasterBlend Schools are committed to providing educational opportunities that contain the latest in certification requirements. Whether you’re looking for the best in equipment performance, or high quality and environmentally responsible cleaning solutions, MasterBlend has everything you need.

Phoenix Restoration Equipment

Phoenix Restoration Equipment


4201 Lien Rd., P.O. Box 8050

Madison, WI 53704

Phone: (608) 237-8400; (800) 533-7533

Fax: (608) 222-1447

Email: sales@usephoenix.com

Web: www.usephoenix.com


Phoenix Restoration Equipment provides the restoration professional with a complete line of drying equipment including LGR and desiccant dehumidifiers, air movers, air scrubbers, water extraction tools, portable heating and cooling systems, and metering devices. Phoenix provides the most reliable, efficient equipment in the industry - giving you exactly what you need to dry fast, smart and profitably.

With PROVEN performance and pioneering technology, Phoenix continues to revolutionize the Restoration Industry, including our latest drying products: the FireBird HD308 Hydronic Diesel Heat Drying System; the ìXXLî 270HTx LGR featuring automatic Bypass technology and the same sleek stainless cabinet design as the 200HT; the Stackable CAM and CAM Pro - which stacks 4 units high; and latest addition to our world-class LGR roto-mold line, the smallest, lightest, most portable LGRs - the R125 and R150. Please visit us at UsePhoenix.com to see what new, exciting products our innovative engineers have added to the Phoenix family of world-class restoration equipment.



Century 400

325  S. Price Rd.

Chandler, AZ 85224

Phone: (480) 899-7000

Fax: (480) 786-9538


Prochem is a manufacturer that regards quality engineering as a top priority. There is never a compromise in manufacturing standards or choice of component parts. Our finished machines are the combined result of the fine design, meticulous testing, and uncompromising manufacturing. Years of mechanical study and in-field testing have resulted in a time-proven, top quality choice for maximum cleaning extraction equipment that is unsurpassed to date.

Philosophically our goal is to build to the customer’s needs. Professional cleaners are looking for performance, not compromise. They are looking for uptime, not downtime. They are looking for low maintenance, fuel-efficient, user-friendly machines that are easy to operate. That is why our philosophy is to build to the customer’s needs.

The physical aspect of our commitment to excellence covers everything from initial design and engineering, to prototype testing and manufacturing. These aspects are what create the features and equipment attributes that are unique to Prochem machines, and sets them apart from others in the industry.

Production Metal Forming

Production Metal Forming

8888 Hwy. 66

Klamath Falls, OR 97601

Phone: (800) 992-9263; (541) 882-9088

Fax: (541) 884-2323

Web: www.pmftools.com


An American manufacturer who is preserving American jobs and crafting quality stainless steel carpet cleaning wands, hard surface cleaning wands, titanium wands, stair tools in different heights and widths. Upholstery cleaning tools like the Detailer and the Internal spray Detailer, curtain cleaning tools, Hide-A-Hose, maker of valves for any pressure set up. PMF can make custom length wands, stair tools, or upholstery tools. PMF sells only through qualified distributors or OEM.

Rotovac Corp.

Rotovac Corp.

17905 Bothell Everett Hwy.

Mill Creek, WA 98012

Phone: (425) 883-6746

Fax: (425) 883-8953

Web: www.rotovac.com


We sell Professional Carpet Cleaning Equipment, Tile & Grout Cleaning Equipment, Air Duct Cleaning Equipment, and General Cleaning supplies. Manufacturer of the patented Rotovac Powerwand, Rotovac 360, Rotovac DHX, Rotovac WideTrack, and Rotovac CFX carpet, tile and grout machines. Rotovac also sells the leading brands of portable carpet cleaning extractors, truckmounts, tile & grout cleaning machines, upholstery cleaning machines and cleaning chemicals.

Sapphire Scientific

Sapphire Scientific

A Legend Brands Co.

2604 Liberator

Prescott, AZ 86301

Phone: (800) 932-3030; (866) 445-3030

Fax: (928) 445-1946

Email: sales@sapphirescientific.com

Web: www.sapphirescientific.com


Sapphire Scientific designs and manufactures the industry’s most powerful, efficient and space-saving truckmounts and carpet cleaning accessories. Choose from a full line of seven truckmounts, from the Rage, a perfect starter truckmount, to the 570 liquid-cooled workhorse, to the all-powerful 870. Sapphire also offers the Pro-1200 Direct Drive and a dedicated hard-surface truckmount with 2500 psi heated solution.

Sapphire truckmounts’ patent-pending thermal well design delivers superior, more consistent heat, while unique through-frame drive belt cooling extends belt life. Truckmounts’ no-dump operation and short-reach service design save operators valuable time, which means more bottom-line profit. Sapphire’s truckmount designs are up to 30% narrower than competitive models, saving room for other critical equipment.

Sapphire truckmounts offer the strongest warranty in the industry - 2 years parts and labor, even on most normal wear items. Engineered to deliver maximum performance and durability, Sapphire truckmounts simplify operation, increase reliability and boost your bottom line.

Truckmounts & Cleaning Solutions

Truckmounts & Cleaning Solutions

5926 Goshen Springs Rd.

Norcross, GA 30071

Phone: (770) 729-7117

Fax: (770) 729-7118

Email: info@tcsatl.com

Web: www.truckmounts.com


For over 11 years, TCS has manufactured a no-nonsense, Simply Dependable line of truckmounts.  Each machine is engineered for simple operation, maintenance, and service. The open frame design allows easy access to all service points.  Straightforward controls and easy-to-read gauges make TCS equipment user friendly. We build high-performance truckmounts that will operate for thousands of hours with almost no downtime.  In our spacious showroom, you will find parts, tools, accessories and a knowledgeable team of helpful people to assist your next job, big or small. Additionally, we carry a wide variety of chemicals to meet a broad spectrum of cleaning and restoration needs.

Accelerated Chemical Technologies LLC

Accelerated Chemical Technologies LLC

1784 Corn Rd., Ste. D

Smyrna, GA 30080

Phone: (678) 887-1226

Fax: (678) 355-0616

Web: www.acceleratedtruckmounts.com

Aero Tech Mfg.

395 W. 1100 N.

North Salt Lake City, UT 84054

Phone: (801) 292-0493; (866) 293-2376

Fax: (801) 292-9908

Email: dreid@aerotechmfg.com

Web: www.aerotechmfg.com


Bane-Clene Corp.

3940 N. Keystone Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46205

Phone: (800) 428-9512; (317) 546-5448

Fax: (317) 543-2222

Email: bane@baneclene.com

Web: www.baneclene.com


Cat Pumps-High Pressure Pumps & Systems

1681-94th Ln. N.E.

Minneapolis, MN 55449-4324

Phone: (763) 780-5440

Fax: (763) 780-2958

Web: www.catpumps.com


Cobb Carpet Supply Inc.

1314 Viceroy Dr.

Dallas, TX 75247-3911

Phone: (800) 634-2622; (214) 634-2622

Fax: (214) 634-2648

Web: www.cobbcarpet.com


Gardner Denver/Sutorbilt

1800 Gardner Expy.

Quincy, IL 62305-4024

Phone: (217) 222-5400

Fax: (217) 228-8243


General Pump

1174 Northland Dr.

Mendota Heights, MN 55120

Phone: (651) 454-6500

Fax: (651) 454-8015

Email: sales@gpcompanies.com

Web: www.generalpump.com

John’s Custom Machine Inc.

9226 143rd Ln. N.

Seminole, FL 33726

Phone: (727) 581-1700

Fax: (727) 581-0707

Web: www.hotheatexchangers.com


Judson Vacuum Systems Inc.

5 Ellendale Ave.

Greenville, SC 29609

Phone: (864) 233-6442

Organic Cleaning Compounds Inc.

Fox Truckmounts

1300 Seabright Ave.

Long Beach, CA 90813

Phone: (562) 437-6334

Fax: (562) 495-3564

Email: sales@organic-compounds.com


Sun-Belt USA

4211 Atlantic Ave.

Raleigh, NC 27604

Phone: (800) 334-8418; (919) 878-6511

Fax: (919) 878-6518

Email: sales@sun-beltusa.com

Web: www.sun-beltusa.com


Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems

4840 W. Kearney St., P.O. Box 2877

Springfield, MO 65801-2877

Phone: (417) 447-7370

Fax: (417) 865-2950

Web: www.tuthill.com