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The Phenomenal 747 Business Model - Part I

January 12, 2012

I recently had an amazing opportunity to go to Seattle with the world’s No. 1 leadership expert, Dr. John C. Maxwell.

I recently had an amazing opportunity to go to Seattle with the world’s No. 1 leadership expert, Dr. John C. Maxwell. I have been reading his material for many years, but never dreamed I would be working with him, let alone become a friend. 

During this trip to Seattle, we toured the Boeing plant where they build the 747, 777 and 787 Dreamliner. It was fascinating to say the least, and it reminded me of the 747 business model that I have been teaching for the past couple of years. This is a proven business model and, when built and maintained, will serve you very well.

As we head into 2012, keep in mind that the only reason your business exists is to be the vehicle to help you achieve your life goals. A vehicle kind of like a Boeing 747 jetliner.

It is the vehicle you have chosen. Now, let’s build it well.

The Boeing 747 is a humongous jet that can take a lot of people a long way! And that’s what you want your business to do. Please understand that, like a 747, your business can be a phenomenal vehicle for helping a lot of people.

Your small business can have more influence than any other man-made institution in America. If your business is truly a functioning, productive, positive community, you can have a phenomenal impact on many lives.

Everyone has a longing for belonging. I believe we are created with not only a “God-shaped void,” but also a “people-shaped void.” We were created to belong to one another. People want so desperately to be accepted, loved and belong, yet we have given up on government, and many feel that religion has failed them. (Note: I am not talking about the spiritual church, but man-made religion.)

Your business can fill that longing for belonging. You can help people grow and reach their potential. You can have incredible influence to help others live phenomenal lives.

That’s the exciting part. You can not only live a phenomenal life yourself, but you can help your family, fellow faith members, employees, clients, vendors, and everyone you touch in your community, tap into the phenomenon, too.

The first “7” in the 747 Business Model stands for the 7 Areas of a Phenomenal Life.

This month Zig Ziglar’s most recent book “Born To Win” will be released. I had the pleasure of helping his son Tom develop the last chapter of the book, and will be presenting with him this month in Nashville.

One of Zig’s definitions of success is living a balanced life. To demonstrate this, he uses a tool called the Wheel of Life. You may be familiar with it; I have found it to be very helpful.

Personal – Your own dreams, aspirations, hobbies and goals. Your social activity (as much as it depends on you). Basically, your lifestyle.

Financial – Your income, your financial position, and what you do with your money.

Career – Your work, your role in your job or business and what that means to you and those around you, as well as the contribution to the world it represents.

Mental – Your knowledge, your mental growth, the things that occupy your mind. This includes things you want to learn.

Physical – Your physical condition (as much as it depends on you), your eating habits, exercise, addictions, etc.

Family – Your relationship with family members (as much as it depends on you), and what kind of person you want to be in relationship to family members. Remember, you cannot change anyone, but if you change yourself, you have a much better chance of someone else changing as a result of your example.

Spiritual – Your relationship with God (as much as it depends on you). What kind of faith member is ideal? What is your role in that? 

Take a few moments to think about each “spoke” on the wheel. How do you feel about where you are in each area right now? Rate that area in your life on a scale of 1-10, 1 being “poor” and 10 being “phenomenal.” Circle the number that best describes how you feel about that area in your life, based on your ideal vision. Be honest with yourself.

Once you have circled a number on each spoke, connect the dots with a line. You will immediately see whether your life is balanced or not. Do you have a flat tire? When your wheel isn’t balanced, the road of life is pretty bumpy.

It may even be painful to think about some of these areas. This is normal, and it’s okay. I’ll try to help you face some of the challenges you see. I hope to help you move those areas up little by little until you not only know you are a phenomenal product, but you feel it, too!

Life Out of Balance

Would you agree that if I make a lot of money, but my family life is messed up, I’m not living a phenomenally successful life? What if I’m a hugely “spiritual” person, but I’m deeply in debt? Doesn’t really work, does it? Each of the areas affects the others. You may feel that you can’t be a “borderline-11” in every area, but I’m here to tell you that you can!

And if you don’t believe that, can I ask you which area in your life shouldn’t be phenomenal? Does it mean you should be “filthy rich”? After all, if I’m saying you should be phenomenal in every area of life, doesn’t that include financial, too? Yes, it does, but when you get to the chapter on How to Make Phenomenal Money, you might be surprised at what I have to say.

Now that you have completed the wheel on how you feel about your life now, let’s do a very exciting exercise.

Using the same wheel, now let’s set some goals. Let’s create a vision for your life. I like to start with a 90-day time period. Think about the areas that need to be balanced. Imagine your life 90 days from now. What are some realistic goals you could set in each of those areas? Ignore any negative thoughts right now. Instead, assume that you can overcome any challenge that might get in your way. If there were no obstacles, what numbers could you realistically set on the wheel?

For example…when I first did the wheel, I put down a “2” on family because my relationship with my son wasn’t the greatest at the time. It was far from phenomenal, let me tell you! But I set a goal to move it up. Today, I would rate it a “9.” And remember that I am only rating it based on my part in the relationship. Even if the other person never responds, you can eventually give yourself a 10 if you have truly done everything possible on your end. Only you know if you have or not.

Developing a vision for your life, and focusing on that vision daily, is the first and most important key. When you have a compelling vision for your life – one that is incredibly inspiring –  you will have the energy to fight through difficult circumstances.

Next month, we will discuss the next steps in building your 747.