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Using Google Adwords to Pull in Prospects

February 13, 2012
Over the last two months we’ve covered the basics of Adwords and how to develop an Adwords campaign.

Over the last two months we’ve covered the basics of Adwords and how to develop an Adwords campaign. Now for this third and final article in the series, I’ll give you some examples and show you how to pull in prospects with your Adwords ads.

As we mentioned last month, you must first identify your target market, and then decide what you want to tell them. So who is your target market? Most likely, your target is someone who lives in the cities you service. It’s likely someone with the income to afford regular cleaning services. The other thing to consider is their demographic. Decide whether they are a homeowner, renter, pet owner, high-income earner, low-income earner, young adult, elderly adult, or fit some other criteria.

5 Pay-per-click Ad Writing Tips

1. Use your main keywords in the headline or your city name. This increases the number of clicks you receive.

2. Use power words to evoke response like cheap, sale, special, tips, free, you, discover, etc.

3. Omit needless words. You don’t have much space. Make it count.

4. Target a niche instead of going after everyone looking for cleaning. For instance, in the “Carpet Cleaning Yourcity” keyword, consider instead going after pet owners with a Pet Stain Removal ad.

5. Ask specific, probing questions like, “Need Pet Odors Gone?”, “Ugly Grout Lines?” or “Need Clean Area Rugs?” in your headline.


I’ll give you some examples of targeting a niche.


Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning

You may want to target an ad directly at renters who are moving out. Many of them are required to have the carpet professionally cleaned to fulfill their lease agreement. And many of them are on a budget. So you may try targeting keywords like “carpet cleaning yourcity,” “carpet cleaning specials,” “carpet cleaning coupons,” or even simply “carpet cleaning” with the ad below:

Headline: Move In/Move Out Specials

Description line 1: Carpet Cleaning in Yourcity

Description line 2: Get $25 Off (See Coupon on Website)


If your city has a high rate of people renting or moving, this could be an ad that works. See how the headline pulled the prospect who happens to be moving out and looking for a cleaner? The headline makes mention of a special and the last line of the ad gives more detail of what the special is about. And you’d have to set your website up so the first thing the prospect sees is the $25 off special promised to them once the ad is clicked.

See how much has to happen in a tiny Adwords ad to make it work well? 

Pet Owners

If you’d like to target pet owners, you can run an ad that specifically targets them. Most pet owners have problems with pet stains. And they’d like a break when it comes to deodorizer and pet stain removal. So an ad targeting keywords like “pet stain removal,” “pet stains,” “pet stain removers,” “cat urine,” “dog urine” or “carpet cleaning” with ad copy below could be a winner.

Headline:  Free Pet Stain Removal

Description line 1: Yourcity Pet Stain Specialists

Description line 2: Get $25 Off Pet Stain Removal


Once the ad is clicked the prospect should instantly see an offer of $25 off pet stain removal. If you fail to do this you’ve wasted money on a click. Notice too that your city name should be included in the ad. Why is that?  The prospect may not know that your ad is targeting their city. So if your city name isn’t mentioned in the ad, they may skip right over it. If you are offering a local service always make at least a brief mention of the city you are targeting.


Oriental Rug Owners

An important thing to understand is that you don’t want to target all your services with one ad. If you’re targeting the keywords for area rug cleaning, you shouldn’t have a headline that says, “carpet cleaning.” Your prospect is looking for one particular service. So it’s best to target that prospect with the one service they are looking for. Target keywords like “area rug cleaning,” “oriental rug cleaning,” “wool rug cleaning,” or “Persian rug cleaning” with an ad similar to below.

Headline: Yourcity Area Rug Cleaning

Description line 1: Call For Pickup or Drop Them Off

Description line 2: Located 1116 Olive Rd Cityabbreviation


Make sure the page of your website the prospect lands on is about area rug cleaning. Also consider testing an ad for each different keyword. For example, test an ad with the headline “Oriental Rug Cleaning” that targets on the keywords “Oriental Rug Cleaning.”

Also consider further breaking down targeted prospects by the area of the city they live. For instance, target the Northeast side of your city with an ad that has the headline “Carpet Cleaning NE Yourcity.”  This headline catches the Northeast resident’s attention because it calls them out. Other cleaning company ads aren’t likely to do this.

Want more ideas for the best keywords to use for your business?  Google has a free tool set up called the Keyword External Tool. You can type in the keywords that you think may have the most traffic and the tool will tell you the amount of searches Google has per month. It can be found at https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

Generally, the most searched keywords for carpet cleaning are “carpet cleaning”, “carpet cleaners”, and “carpet cleaning yourcity”. For water damage restoration, the highest keywords are usually “water damage”, “water restoration”, and “water damage yourcity.”  For air duct cleaning, the top keywords are “duct cleaning”, “air duct cleaning”, and “duct cleaning yourcity.”


Make Sure Your Ad…

Calls attention. This can be done with using your keywords (ie “carpet cleaning northeast yourcity) in the headline or body copy. Or by offering a very compelling benefit or making a very compelling offer.

Is truthful. Make sure the key point of your ad is followed through when your ad is clicked. If your ad is about rug cleaning, make sure the prospect is taken to a page about rug cleaning. If your ad mentions a $25 off coupon, make sure the prospect instantly gets access to the coupon. This not only helps your sales conversion ratio, but you also may get a better cost per click from Google if your ad is in harmony with the page it leads to.

Use Google Analytics, a free tool located in your Google account, to track which ads work best in your area. Most importantly, track which ads are converting website lurkers into paying clients. Remember, with Adwords pay-per-click we’re not after tons of clicks. Clicks just cost you money. We’re aiming at turning lurkers into paying clients for the smallest dollar amount possible.

Track your results often and drop the ads and keywords that don’t make you any money. It would be wise to read over this article series a couple times to get well acquainted with the ideas presented here. With a little practice and testing, Adwords can bring your cleaning business a great advertising return.