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Survey Says: Cleaners Prefer Equipment Warranties

June 5, 2012

According to a May 2012 survey conducted for U.S. Products, a leading manufacturer of carpet care equipment, 81 percent of the carpet cleaning technicians surveyed believed the length of carpet cleaning equipment’s warranty is “very important,” according to a press release.

Fourteen percent indicated it was “somewhat important” and less than 5 percent noted the length of the warranty was not an important issue.

Approximately 500 technicians were invited to take part in the survey.

Other questions on the survey focused on issues technicians have with some of today’s portable extractors in general. For instance, when asked if they find many of today’s portable extractors difficult to move and maneuver, 67 percent answered yes.

Similarly, when asked if they found many portables difficult to move up and down stairs, an even bigger majority, 81 percent, responded yes.