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The July ICS Must See Product Gallery

July 2, 2012

Check out these Must See Products from the July ICS from the latest technology and innovations currently on the market:

prochem triad triple advantave



The Triad air mover and AFD filter are designed to meet the highest performance levels without high-power requirements.


Designed with smooth contours to allow for quick and easy clean-ups, the Triad products are light-weight and are easy to transport.

Space Savings-

The Triad products are designed to maximize space savings reducing transportation costs.

encapuclean ds maxim double strength

Encapuclean with Maxim Now Double Strength

Encapuclean DS (Double Strength) from Bridgepoint is now available with Maxim protector, an addition which enhances soil resistance and provides the stain resistance quality of a premium acid dye blocker. The double -strength formulation has a dilution of 4 oz. per gallon. It can be safely used with counter-rotating brush machines, Cimex or rotary floor machines with production rates of up to 3,000 sq. ft. per hour. 

butler stationary electric system

The Butler Stationary Electric System 

The Butler Stationary Electric System was developed to be a permanently installed central cleaning and extraction system for use in new or existing buildings. It cleans heavily soiled carpet, area rugs and delicate upholstery fabric to the same standard as the Butler Shaft-Drive System and the flexibility to use two attachments at one time enhances its versatility. For more information, call 800.535.5025 or visit us online at www.butlersystem.com. 

blue hve 3000 sapphire sceientific dri eaz

New HVE 3000 from Sapphire Scientific and Dri-Eaz

Dual-purpose truckmount booster/pumpout AND portable flood extractor. Team the HVE 3000 with a truckmount and keep your recovery tank clean and boost your truckmount performance on the longest hose runs. Use it as a flood pumper for fast flood extraction in difficult-to-access areas like multi-floor buildings or secure areas.