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The August ICS Must See Product Gallery

August 1, 2012
prochem everest 650
The Everest 650  
Prochem has the distinction of manufacturing the industry’s leading truckmount, the Everest 650. This simple to maintain truckmount has been engineered to meet the needs of even the most discriminating user. Featuring contemporary styling, total temperature control, and a 650 triflow blower for true dual wand operation. All Prochem truckmounts are covered by a 2-year parts & labor warranty. 


bridgepoint avenge pro spotter
Bridgepoint’s new Avenge Pro Spotter uses the latest advances in stain removal technology to take stain removal to a whole new level. It gives excellent results on stains including egg, blood, grass and ink, marker, lipstick, shoe polish, grease oil, tar and more. Avenge  Pro generates a foam, allowing the stain to dissolve and spread to nearby fibers.


sapphire scientific hard surface cleaning system
The Sapphire Scientific Hard Surface Cleaning System delivers a deep restorative clean on hard surface floors, concrete, porcelain and ceramic tile, grout and more. Our unique formulations and easy-to-use processes help you restore floors to their original luster. Customers often comment they didn’t know the floor was ever that color. With the growing number of hard surface installations nationwide, this is a profitable add-on service. Call Sapphire Scientific today! 800-932-3030.


butler system vehicle van
Guaranteed Buy Back 
The Butler Corporation offers an exclusive program to provide customers with the opportunity to trade-in or cash-in their Butler System and vehicle at anytime during ownership. The trade-in/cash-in value for a used Butler System/vehicle could be as much as 75% (or more) of the original purchase price.  A Butler System/vehicle may be traded-in or cashed-in prior to the termination of a finance or lease agreement. Customers can use all or part of the buy-back value to purchase a new or pre-owned Butler System/vehicle, OR, they can choose to receive all of the buy-back value in cash.


flood vacuum pullman holt
Don’t be misled by its economical price, Pullman-Holt’s new flood vacuum model 45-20POV provides the power and performance to meet the needs of the professional contractor. Equipped with a 40 GPM discharge pump located inside a 20-gallon tank.  Includes accessible, easy-to-clean, mesh filter bag to keep debris away from the pump.  Includes a 20’ vacuum hose and 40’ drain hose. Visit us www.pullman-holt.com


odorcide cigarette smoke
Odorcide® Cigarette Smoke - Get “the one that works” for specific odor jobs. 
Odorcide® is now available in a specific formula for odor caused by tobacco smoke.  Just like the “Original” formula, Odorcide® Cigarette Smoke is a non-enzymatic product that works instantly with no dwell time and is not affected by detergents or disinfectants.  Application is easy using tank or bottle sprayers and wet mist fogging devices.  Designed for use on fabrics or hard surfaces, it can be used in hotel rooms, vehicle interiors, on furniture, drapes & much more.  All Thornell products use our unique proprietary formula that permanently eliminates, not masks, odors on contact. For more detailed information or to request a sample visit us at www.odorcide.com