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Give it Purpose: Mission Statements and Core Values

August 31, 2012

group of carpet cleanersWhether your company is brand new or not, it should have a mission statement. A mission statement is an acknowledgement of your company’s purpose. Having a mission statement gives employees a clear message to what the purpose is of all their hard work. Proudly displaying this mission statement on the wall in your office will show that you are serious and passionate about the purpose of your company. It will also bring peace of mind to your customers when they learn of the high value you put on purpose.

Your company should also establish its core values. Core values are principles that we believe form the foundation of our business conduct. Some examples of core values include consistency, community, integrity, passion, safety and innovation. Choose a set of core values that you really believe in and want your company to live and breathe every day. Choose a set that really speaks to your inner core.

Don’t just create the mission statement and set up core values and call it good. You need to be actively referring to them as well. Create the culture of your business through the mission statement and core values. Intertwine these into the brand that you have created. You want these values to come to everyone’s mind when they think about your business.

You may be thinking that mission statements and core values are kind of “hokie pokie.” Well, you are wrong to think that way. These directives help build a unified consistent front within your company. It raises the bar of your establishment. Your employees will have more of a sense of direction and purpose and your customers will definitely take notice.

The sphere of influence does not stop within your company. Your employees will transfer these core values into their homes and with their families. They will carry them with them in their personal lives. The community will be affected by your company’s propitious stance. A small step for your company will create positive ripples throughout the area.

If you want to build a business for generations down the line to take pride in, then you need to be thinking big picture. You need to be thinking culture and purpose. Take a day and really dive into establishing your mission statement and core values. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this honorable step.