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Your GPS for Phenomenal Success

October 1, 2012
electronic map software
Have you ever used a GPS (Global Positioning Systems) tracking system?  Of course you have. In the cleaning industry, getting from one place to another is essential and GPS is what is used these days. When I started out 28 years ago, we used something called a “map” and it was made of this interesting material called “paper!”
But today, you simply get out your smart phone (that knows where you are - scary) and you open your maps application. Or you get out your Garmin and plug in where you want to go. It knows where you are, so it gives you turn-by-turn directions to get you to your destination. 
Do you know where you want to go? Are you clear about where you want to go in life and in business? And more importantly, do you really know where you are? 
The first thing GPS does is determine where you are. I had the pleasure of being quoted in Zig Ziglar’s latest book Born To Win and have been traveling the world with Tom Ziglar (Zig’s proud son and CEO) to help him with the last chapter of the book. The chapter has a phenomenal business assessment which reveals where you are in your business. 
The assessment asks 10 questions under each of the important areas of business:
• Marketing: Everything you do to attract prospects to your business.
• Sales: Everything you do to convert prospects into paying customers. 
• Operations: Everything you do to serve your clients. 
• Administration: Everything you do to track your numbers and the internal office systems to run the business. 
• Leadership: Everything you do to lead and guide your business. 
The assessment reveals how solid (or not solid) your systems are in each area. You find out where you really are in your business. Most small business owners don’t really understand how to assess where they are. The answers to these questions reveal where you are in your business compared to where you want to go. 
Back to GPS: Let’s say I want to go to my favorite spot in Florida, but I have been blindfolded, driven around for hours and let out on the side of an unmarked road. Unless I know where I am, I can’t get to Florida. The GPS picks up where I am. Then I can plug in the location in Florida and it will give me step-by-step directions on getting there.
So the first part of “GPS for Phenomenal Success” is allowing the GPS to determine where you are. Once you know where you are, you can use GPS to guide you to your destination:
• G is for “goals.” Without clearly defined goals, you will never know where you are going or if and when you get there. You must have clearly defined life goals and business goals. They must be written down. They must be yours. They must be meaningful to you. They must be specific and measurable. And of course, this entire series could be about setting goals, but you get the point. 
• P is for “plans.” You must have a plan. Would you try to go somewhere you have never been without a map? You know, a simple business plan that includes your business goals, your mission, a 12-month budget and a marketing plan. It sounds like a lot, but this is your map, and it is important to create a really good map and follow it closely.
• S is for “systems.” You must choose what vehicles you will use on this amazing, and exceedingly important, journey. Your business is a vehicle, and like a vehicle, it has a number of systems that work together to operate it. A bicycle has the wheel system, the gears, the frame, the braking and steering systems - all working together as a system. An automobile has a number of systems that work together. A Boeing 747 has many systems that work together to take a bunch of people a long way! 
The “5 Systems of a Phenomenally Successful Business” make up the vehicle you will use to get to where you want to go. They are also the systems that will help you stay there. The stronger the systems, the smoother they work together, the better your trip will be. It’s no fun running out of gas or breaking down on the side of the road. It’s no fun having to rely on a vehicle that is falling apart. 
So, set your “goals.” Develop your “plan.” And build “systems” in your business. 
Dedicated to helping you build a phenomenal business.