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10 Tips for Vacuum Cleaner Safety

October 24, 2012

Vacuum cleaners are complicated machines that must be cared for properly and knowing how to properly use your vacuum cleaner will help it last longer, improve worker productivity, and make vacuuming a lot safer. In a recent press release, Tornado Industries shared 10 tips for vacuum cleaner safety:

-When not in use, unplug the vacuum cleaner from the wall outlet. This protects the cord and plug and helps prevent accidents.

-Most commercial vacuum cleaners are not intended for outdoor use. Store and use them only indoors.

-Never vacuum a wet surface. This can damage the motor(s) and puts the user at risk for electrical shock. If a machine has been exposed to moisture, have it checked by a certified technician before use.

-Never drop a vacuum cleaner. If a machine is accidentally dropped, have it checked by a certified technician before using it again.

-Never pull a vacuum cleaner by its cord, and keep the cord away from sharp edges or corners.

-Keep fingers away from all powered moving vacuum cleaner parts.

-Keep vacuum cleaners away from children.

-Do not clean up toxic or flammable materials with a vacuum cleaner; if you are unsure about what a substance is or if it looks unusual, investigate carefully before vacuuming the area.

-Do not pick up hard or sharp objects, including glass, nails, screws, coins, etc., with the machine.

-Lastly, always store vacuum cleaners in a cool, dry location.

For more information, visit www.tornadovac.com.