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The Importance of Working on Your Business

December 3, 2012
man pulling hair outDo you ever feel bogged down with your work? Are you doing the work of several people and finding this workload to be not as glamorous as you envisioned when you started the business? If you answered “yes,” then you may be suffering from working too hard in your business, rather than working on your business. 
When you started the business, you did it to be an entrepreneur, to make the big decisions and steer the ship. You didn’t start it to buy yourself a job! So why are you working so hard in the business and on the front lines? Doing this is burying you in your work and it’s going to pile up to the point where your business becomes stagnant.  
If you are the one that is doing all of the work in your business, then who is steering the ship? You need to come up with viable options so that you can remain the captain of your boat. Your company cannot move forward if the owner is stuck on a constant task. The owner needs to bring the direction, the inspiration and the momentum. 
So what are your options? You may need to hire someone to do the tasks that you don’t need to do. Many folks find it hard to let go of the tasks. If you want to bring it to the next level then you need to take that next step. This means that you need to let it go. You may have people on staff that are not performing as well as they should, which causes you to pick up the slack. If this is the case, then you need to get serious and have them step up or be replaced.  
You may just need to get more organized with your work. You may need to schedule your time more effectively. Maybe you should schedule a half day on the same day every week for you to go to the library, or a café to work outside and on your business. Take yourself out of it physically so that you can get the inspiration you need to work on it.