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The December ICS Must See Product Gallery

December 3, 2012
butler green office building

Butler customers appreciate our factory direct sales, service and support.

Factory direct communication with our customers is first and foremost. We fully understand we must provide something extra and be competitively priced, for customers to purchase and receive service from a company perhaps thousands of miles away. It is apparent from the thousands of satisfied customers we serve throughout the United States, Canada and the U.S. Government worldwide, that this way of doing business has proven to be enthusiastically accepted. Please call a Butler Corporation Sales Representative for a free comprehensive information package at 800.535.5025 or visit us online at www.butlersystem.com.

nautilus portable extractor airflow

Maximize Your Cleaning With the New Nautilus

Whether you’re extracting flood water and need maximum lift, or cleaning tile and need maximum air flow, the new Nautilus Portable Extractor has you covered. The AirFlow+ vacuum system allows you to quickly change your vacuum motors from a series configuration to a parallel configuration in under a minute with no mechanical skill needed. Series for maximum lift, or parallel for maximum air flow, with the AirFlow+ vacuum system, it’s your call! Available today at Interlink Supply or Hydro-Force.

prochem trafficlean voc complaint

Prochem® Trafficlean

Trafficlean is Prochem’s new broad-based, dirt-busting, grease-cutting pre-spray. This concentrated cost-effective pre-spray contains encapsulating detergent polymers that provide maximized cleaning power and resists re-soiling the carpet. Utilizing an improved triple surfactant system for broad-based soil removal, Trafficlean out-performs most traffic lane cleaners. Trafficlean is VOC Compliant, and safe for stain-resistant nylon carpet.