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Technology in Cleaning and Restoration - December 2012

December 3, 2012

As a cleaning and/or restoration professional, we’re betting that you’re constantly on the lookout for new, innovative technologies that allow you to do your job faster and more efficiently. Hence, for the 10th consecutive year, ICS Cleaning Specialist is happy to provide you with a look at some of the latest equipment to have entered the industry.

Just to be clear, this isn’t some sort of “Best of the Best” list, but a look at some of the latest technologies available in today’s marketplace. So with that being said, here’s a look at some of the latest developments in cleaning and restoration as we head into 2013.
aqua helix extraction tool prochem

The Aqua Helix Portable Extractor (Prochem) 

Prochem has released its Aqua Helix High Extraction Tool with its patented Systolic Vector Performance (SVP) Technology, helping it provide deep extraction similar to that of a heavy, ride-on extractor in a light weight, portable and affordable tool. Prochem says that the tool’s advanced design speeds jobs and all at a cost that’s 75% less than a traditional ride-on extractor.

dri pod flood dryer

The Dri-Pod Flood Dryer (Dri-Eaz) 

Weighing in at 11 pounds, drawing 1.1 amps and measuring 15.2 x 15.2 x 8.9 inches, the Dri-Pod flood dryer from Dri-Eaz features less than half the weight and amp draw of a traditional carpet and floor dryer, helping it fit into small spaces with ease. It doesn’t sacrifice performance either: It features a 360-degree airstream to enhance evaporation rates, thanks to its patented grill and airflow design.

guardian r prop hepa system phoenix restoration equipment

The GuardianR Pro HEPA System (Phoenix Restoration Equipment) 

Phoenix Restoration Equipment has released a compact portable air scrubber in its GuardianR Pro HEPA System. The scrubber is durable, light weight and features a stackable roto-mold cabinet allowing it to be compact and portable (weight: less than 33 pounds, footprint: 22 x 24 inches) without sacrificing performance (500 CFM). It requires 1.9 amps and features a large filter opening which maximizes its capture area.

1xp series plunger pump cat pumps

1XP Series Plunger Pump (Cat Pumps)

The 1XP series plunger pump from Cat Pumps has been specifically designed for carpet extractors to extend overall pump life and reduce maintenance. The 1XP is based on a greaseless design, utilizing pumping for fluid lubrication. Wet ends are completely sealed, so no contaminants leak onto the cleaning surface. The 1XP can easily fit into an existing extractor.

hydra port extractors us products

HydraPort Extractors (U.S. Products) 

The HydraPort series of extractors from U.S. Products is designed with a focus on the details. This includes the likes of the recovery tank, which is designed with a slope to an attached disposal hose for fast, easy and complete emptying. A recessed channel in the tank for the ball float diminishes turbulence (and premature wear) and a recessed electronic switch plate protects switches.

tech scan moisture meter delmhorst

The TechScan Moisture Meter (Delmhorst) 

Delmhorst has developed TechScan, a non-destructive moisture meter able to quickly cover large areas and locate high moisture spots thanks to RF technology and an adjustable alarm. Other features of TechScan include an intuitive interface, easy to read analog display, species correction chart, built in calibration and battery checks and an auto off timer.

icat cloud software restoration

CLOUD Contents Restoration Software (iCAT)  

The CLOUD brings contents restoration software to the industry in a scalable model. It’s available in a Starter Package version, as well as a Priority Plus and Enterprise plan for mid-range and heavy-use operations, respectively. The software starts at $50 per month. Want more info? 

flir infrared cameras i3 i5 i7 iseries

The i3, i5 and i7 Infrared Cameras (FLIR) 

FLIR’s i-Series (i3, i5, i7) point-and-shoot infrared cameras offer better images, a display for faster inspections and a combination of thermal sensitivity and measurement accuracy that is typically only seen in more expensive cameras. The cameras are durable enough to withstand a two-meter drop and stow alongside other tools. The i-Series models start at $1,195.

wav 26 upright vacuum pacific floorcare

The WAV-26 Upright Vacuum (Pacific Floorcare) 

The WAV-26 is a high-capacity upright vacuum that combines productivity with maneuverability. Pacific Floorcare says it’s the only upright wide-area vacuum with HEPA filtration, on-board tools and the CRI Seal of Approval. It features a 33% larger bag capacity than other 26-inch uprights and operates at less than 26 dBa.

nautilus portable extractor airflow

The Nautilus Portable Extractor (Hydro-Force) 

The Nautilus Portable Extractor is ideal for flood water extraction with maximum lift or tile cleaning with maximum air flow. Its AirFlow+ vacuum system allows users to quickly change vacuum motors from a series configuration to a parallel configuration in under a minute. It offers models featuring maximum lift, or a parallel model for maximum air flow.