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RSA Announces Online Rug Pre-Cleaning Course

December 10, 2012

RSA Online has just released its latest online training module, according to a press release. Called “Rug Pre-Cleaning Inspection,” this dynamic course is taught by rug cleaning guru Lisa Wagner, who developed it to help professionals determine the best cleaning techniques and avoid costly mistakes.

The course teaches students how to identify fiber and weave types as well as construction methods, and takes a close look at types of stains, soiling and cleaning methods.

Because the course is available 24/7, technicians can learn at their convenience and at their own pace, making RSA Online an ideal training tool for new technicians and for experienced staff to boost skills and techniques.

The rug inspection course is priced at $199, and includes 60 days of unlimited access for the course registrant. For more information on the course, click here, or visit www.RSA-HQ.com.