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ICS 50th: Huey Miller, Jr.

February 4, 2013

Huey Miller, Jr., is a second-generation and 37-year veteran of the industry.

How would you best sum up the last 50 years (or the time that you’ve been a part) of the carpet cleaning/restoration industry?

I have seen it grow from a mom and pop and part-timers’ business into a worldwide industry.

In your opinion, what have been some of the most significant events and milestones to impact the industry over the past 50 years? What about some of the most significant people?

The associations have a great impact. The coming together of and meeting of the minds to put together standards, in my opinion, have been the biggest milestones

What are some of your fondest memories of being involved in the industry in years past?

Without the associations I would have never met guys like Cliff Zlotnik, Pete Consigli. Mike O’Riley, Mike McGuinness, Joe Lstiburek, Davidge Warfield, Byron Ware, Larry Robertson, Mac Pearce, Danny Greenblatt, Glen Feldman, Bob Allen, Joe Jones, Jeff Jones, Buzz Dohanian. Ron Reese, Michael Griggs and the many, many others whose contributions helped build our industry. I have fond memories of ASCR (RIA) board room wars, but fonder memories of the evenings after the wars

Moving forward, what do you see in store for the cleaning/restoration industry’s future?

I see restoration companies becoming bigger multi-location/regional/national shops. I see much more government regulation on the horizon. I think it will be hard for the smaller shops to compete, but I think in the residential/commercial carpet and rug cleaning industry, the boutique-type shops who cater to their customers will thrive.