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ICS 50th: Ken Snow

February 4, 2013

Ken Snow is a 30-year veteran of the industry. His business, Hagopian Cleaning Services (Oak Park, MI) is celebrating its 74th year of business in March 2013.

How would you best sum up the last 50 years (or the time that you’ve been a part) of the carpet cleaning/restoration industry?

Our business has gone from mostly rug cleaning in the very early years to far more on-location cleaning in the 70’s through late 80’s and then an acceleration of rug cleaning again in the 90’s-2000’s and beyond.

In your opinion, what have been some of the most significant events and milestones to impact the industry over the past 50 years?

Truck mounted/PTO cleaning systems, automated rug cleaning systems (and) cleaning and stain removal chemistry.

What about some of the most significant people?

Lee Pemberton, Jim Pemberton, Steve Toburen, Ed York, Lloyd Weaver (and) Bob Hughes.

What are some of your fondest memories of being involved in the industry in years past?

Local trade association meetings (and) sitting around talking with friendly competitors. Regional and national conventions/trade shows – meeting people from around the country/world as well as seeing new products and equipment for the industry.

Moving forward, what do you see in store for the cleaning/restoration industry’s future?

Point of sale technology more fully integrated into the transactional process. Possible governmental regulation, (which) is a bad thing in my opinion. (A) huge leap in chemistry for cleaning. Fiber characteristics (becoming) more cleanable. (And) online appointment scheduling.