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The February ICS Must See Product Gallery

February 4, 2013
wanders inc filtration silver bullet

Wander’s, Inc. - The Future of Filtration™

The “Silver Bullet™” … the All Stainless Inline Vac Filter. Voted #1 by real cleaners who have done the comparisons. Test results are at www.realcleaners.com.

Designed by the inventor of Cool Cuffs™ for years of durability. 2.5X Basket lets you clean all day without stopping to empty. For ICS pricing call 253 653-7209, only $99 complete.

hydro force wood preservation system

Hydro-Force - Have You Been Stepping Over Opportunity?

Many professional cleaners don’t understand the profit potential of cleaning hardwood floors. We have seen the huge success of many carpet cleaners who have begun cleaning hardwood floors and that is why we developed this foolproof system of cleaning. The Hydro-Force Wood Preservation System is easy to learn and not only cleans hardwood floors, but also provides your customers with a way to preserve their costly hardwood floors by adding a new layer of finish. Receive a free DVD and Information Packet by calling 877-242-8670 or visit www.hydroforce.com/wood and get started cleaning hardwood floors today.

thornell odorcide fresh scent

Thornell Corporation - Odorcide® - “Fresh Scent”.

Use Odorcide® 210 Concentrate in Original and Fresh Scent for eliminating all types of offensive odors to include pet urine. Odorcide is a non-enzymatic product, works instantly with no dwell time and is not affected by detergents and disinfectants. Apply to reach the odor source as a pretreatment, during the cleaning operation or in the rinse and the odor is gone. Thornell products use a unique proprietary formula that permanently eliminates, not masks, odors on contact. Ask your local distributor for Odorcide®, “the one that works” and go to www.odorcide.com for more detailed information or to request a sample.

rotovac wide track powerhead

Rotovac - Rotovac Introduces New WideTrack Powerhead  

Rotovac has released the Wide Track, the widest rotary cleaning tool on the market giving you dual wand cleaning speed with one-man operation. It features two rotary 12” cleaning heads counter rotating up to 250 rpm. It weighs 56 lbs and can be used with any truck mount or high-power portable. Read more at www.Rotovac.com