ICS Magazine

A Comprehensive Package of Information

November 6, 2001
ICS Cleaning Specialist is leading the charge in the use of cutting-edge technology to benefit our readers.

Every month we provide our readers with quality information, which they can digest and incorporate into the running of their own carpet cleaning and emergency restoration businesses. We strive to be a comprehensive source of information.

One way to get the message out is through our Internet web site (www.icsmag.com), where we not only place our most recent issues of ICS Cleaning Specialist magazine, we also work to generate news that you, our readers, will find both informative and interesting. Food for thought.

But more than that, icsmag.com also offers information on back issues of the magazine. Questions concerning truckmounts or wands can be found by simply doing a search of our archives. It's a simple procedure that can offer cleaners the information they need, when they need it at virtually a moment's notice and, literally at your fingertips.

In our feature stories, we make it a point to present the Internet sites of the manufacturers we interview. We'd encourage you to take note of those web addresses and pay the manufacturers a visit. They often provide cleaners with information that goes far beyond simple sales attempts; often, they include cleaning tips and other contact sites for our readers to take advantage of.

Another interesting tool we offer our readers is the ICS Cleaning Specialist Bulletin Board. Many readers take advantage of the Bulletin Board by posting questions, which often elicit interesting, and refreshing, responses. There are times when the questions go off topic, meaning that the discussion moves away from carpet cleaning and restoration concerns into other realms. For instance, following the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S., readers voiced their concerns and showcased their patriotic spirit via our Bulletin Board. We'd encourage you to continue in the same vein, and use the Bulletin Board as a springboard for legitimate conversation.

One thing I've noticed is that more often than not, the Bulletin Board polices itself and returns to the subject at hand: Carpet cleaning and restoration concerns.

Some may notice that I often post questions that are targeted toward specific stories that I'm working on. Often, I contact cleaners personally after reading a response to one of my queries. I also find the Bulletin Board an invaluable tool to gauge your concerns.

In December, we'll be presenting an issue devoted to computers, software and Internet sites. In short, technology that cleaners take advantage of on a daily basis. I'd like to encourage you to write me directly to illustrate your use of computer technology in your businesses. Letters that I receive will be included in our Letters to the Editor section. Discussion should focus on why you incorporated computers into your business operations, and how that has made your operations more productive. Send your letters to me via snail mail to: Robert P. Lindsay, Editor, ICS Cleaning Specialist, 741 Sacandaga Road, Scotia, NY, 12302-6028; or via email to lindsayr@nycap.rr.com. We'll publish as many as space allows. Don't forget to include your business name, city and state.

As a comprehensive package, ICS Cleaning Specialist is working hard to offer our readers as many avenues for information as we can. If there's anything we've overlooked, or if you have suggestions, send them to me. We're successful because we care about you, our readers. From where I sit, it's a mutual give and take. So, don't be strangers. Drop a line and offer me your thoughts.