ICS Magazine

A Great Week for an Exciting Future

May 13, 2002
The first week of April was the most exciting, stimulating and rewarding of my 15 years with ICS Cleaning Specialist. I want to share some thoughts with you about this action-packed week that included the first-ever commercial carpet cleaning symposium and an IICRC board meeting in Broomfield, Colo.

The Textile Cleaners of America Commercial Carpet Cleaning Symposium featured perhaps the greatest lineup of speakers and educators from the carpet cleaning, restoration and inspection fields ever assembled under one roof. I was honored to address this group. The two intensive days drew rave reviews, especially a hands-on working evening (until nearly midnight) where a bid of an actual commercial property was prepared, including an assessment of all of the needs and problems involved.

Should mold be regulated? The debate raged throughout the IICRC board certification meeting that included several microbiologists, environmental scientists, carpet cleaning and restoration and mold remediation experts and the nation's leading mold litigator. One thing is certain: This debate will continue just as surely as mold will continue to grow.

Mold legislation that is sure to affect our industry is currently pending in ten states, and will definitely impact liability, insurance coverage (yours and your customer's) and other issues. For specific information on these bills, go to www.moldupdate.com. ICS will continue to keep cleaners and restorers informed of the latest mold remediation issues.

Hats off to Larry Cooper, IICRC Standards Committee Chair, and the team of dedicated volunteers who produced the revised 2002 S100 Standard for Professional Carpet Cleaning. This document covers the five primary methods of carpet cleaning and should be followed by every professional involved in carpet maintenance.

The Council of Associations (shareholding associations of the IICRC) also met to discuss the state of associations. A well-known industry supplier who is an advocate of both the IICRC and other associations gave the council a well-thought out message and presentation about the role, opportunities and future of associations in the carpet cleaning industry. This was well received and, frankly, took guts.

This led to a discussion about developing a trade show inviting all associations to combine their efforts and resources. The goal, a realistic one, is to produce the most successful event ever to take place in our industry. I returned from Broomfield fully convinced that we have a golden opportunity to bring the various carpet cleaning and restoration associations together. Therefore ICS has committed to support Connections 2003 in Las Vegas. While this may seem like a long time away, it really isn't. We need every minute in order to create an international trade show that will bring the IICRC shareholding trade associations together in one place.

I look forward to the challenge ahead of us all to make this industry one of which we can all be proud.