ICS Magazine

A Little Help From Our Friends

February 9, 2006

ICS has a tremendous group of columnists and contributors whose articles are filled with the insight and experience you crave, that's a given. However, in recent months we've found our archive of images running a bit low. So we decided to dust off the old Sunart Vidi and restock the shelves.

It's a real treat anytime you find yourself in the company of first-class professionals, even more so when those same professionals are willing to spend time away from the job to help you achieve your goals. Noel Saenz of ProLine Carpet Maintenance Supply in Sacramento, Calif. is just such a person. Not only did he and his family play host to the ICS brain trust and the photography crew that descended on Sacramento last December, he lined up an exemplary group of cleaning pros from the surrounding area to strut their stuff for the camera. In addition to Jessica and the rest of the crew at ProLine, he introduced us to pros like Scott George and Don Demich from 3R Services; Sacramento Rug Works' Nick Howard; Doran Reynolds of High Standards Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning; Chuck Artoux of R2 Carpet Cleaning; Desperate Households' Patrick Vosburg, and Robert Timmermeyer of Extreme Steam.

We wanted to take the time to say thank you to this great group. For them to take the time, make the effort and go so far above and beyond to help us get the job done, we cannot say enough. ICS Cleaning Specialist magazine strives to help improve the cleaning and restoration profession. Meeting professionals like these make us want to work even harder to make that happen.