ICS Magazine

A Lyin' in Winter

November 20, 2007

Hmm. Too much of a stretch? Perhaps: Peter O’Toole is nowhere to be seen. But you’ll never know how far you can go unless you try. After all, “One day I’m going to give that a shot,” only plays so many times; at some point, the bills come due.

If history is any judge – and if I haven’t been lied to by almost every cleaning pro I’ve ever met – you’ve got a couple of pretty solid weeks coming up. Turkeys everywhere are running for their lives, while mothers-in-law of all shapes and sizes are making their way down to the cutlery shop to have their knives and claws sharpened. Ah, the holidays.

But now to business, and your prospects once this end-of-year blowout comes to a close: Specifically, do you have any?

Every year people like Steve Toburen and Howard Partridge discuss methods and techniques to secure steady business – and income – through what are traditionally the slow months of the year. There are books, seminars and columns (not a few of which appear in ICS) laying out the basic paradigms from which you can hang and build a successful business plan to do this. This is not Roanoke, Va. in 1590; while it may take a bit longer for the truck to warm up and the chills to subside in winter, your true limitations are the hang-ups and doubts milling about in the 3 pounds of gray matter taking up space above your neck. Resting on your laurels won’t do you any good; the folks at Roanoke could have told you that – if they hadn’t vanished from the face of the earth.

In this issue, business consultant Michael Gerber discusses what he calls “Systems Thinking” and how the intersection and interaction of thoughts, ideas and processes – and more importantly, how the understanding of how all these things react to and with each other – can lead to an entirely new and better way of doing business. And honestly, isn’t a better way of doing business the reason you’re reading this magazine?

Michael, Steve and Howard are at the core of “The Secrets of Building Your Business to Retire Wealthy,” Jan. 11-12, 2008 at the Hyatt Regency Houston in – you guessed it – Houston. The seminar is sponsored by Jon-Don, produced by ICS and promises to give you a whole new outlook on just what it is you’re doing for a living and, better yet, why.

You may want to think about checking it out. After all, it’s pretty slow that time of year, right?