ICS Magazine

A New Year and a New Beginning

January 13, 2009

It’s January, and I have been the IICRC president for a little more than three months. I have been on the IICRC board of directors for 12 years and have seen many good presidents come and go. I have enjoyed their leadership and followed what they do, observing the passion these folks have for our industry. Of course, it doesn’t stop there because the passion extends through the board and through the great many volunteers and consultants involved in the organization. It’s a great privilege and honor to serve the industry that has become my life, and to be able to do this as the first IICRC president outside North America is truly an honor.

Following on the heels of past president and chairperson Ruth Travis will be a real challenge, but thanks to the infrastructure and leadership she and other past presidents and board members have built through the years, we are in great shape to take our organization to even greater heights

In fact, let me begin by thanking Ruth, who means so much not only to the organization, but the industry and me as well. Her service to the IICRC has been invaluable. Also, I would like to acknowledge the board of directors, both past and present, and Kenway Consultants, our administrative arm, for making the transition as smooth as possible. And to the registrants and shareholders we serve, thank you in advance for your support in the months to come.

Businesses only succeed if they have the right marketing mix, and in the present climate, marketing is even more relevant than usual. We will obviously do what we know works and more of it. Over the last few years we have become more aware of our international markets; we have many registrants around the world, and one of our strategies will be to develop a strategic marketing plan to ensure a logical and targeted approach as we reach out to develop our global community.

I also want to continue the growth of our programming options in a way that provides value and enhances the credibility of the certification programs already in place. For example, we will review the continuing education credit (CEC) program and update it to make it easier to understand and bolster its value to registrants. We will also create a task force to research and provide recommendations for the development of a collegiate program.

I want you to get involved and feel part of this very worthwhile organization, to display the logo as a Certified Firm and be able to explain what it means to your clients as well as your colleagues in the industry. Just think: if you meet three people a day through your business and you tell them about the IICRC, come the end of the week you have made another 15 to 18 people aware of our organization. It’s good to spread the word.

Yours truly,

Paul Pearce