ICS Magazine

A Time for Giving Thanks

November 11, 2006
The countdown has begun. Three weeks until the carver pierces that succulent golden turkey. Or ham. Or turducken. Or tofurkey. Or whatever other tasty delight happens to be your entrée of choice for this most belt-busting of holidays.

It's also the time for the giving of thanks. To be sure, everyone has his or her own special items of significance for which a shout-out is mandatory. This is more of a "let's-look-back-at-the-industry-in-2006-and-see-happened" approach to recognize some developments and groups worthy of applause.

(Editor's Note: I've never been accused of being all-knowing; to the contrary, e-mails with a you-know-next-to-nothing theme find their way to my inbox from time to time. Eight inches of copy will never cover the totality of events impacting an industry, so if something happened this year that changed for the better the way you do business, write me at stoufferj@bnpmedia.com and let me know.)

Where better to start than with the regional trade associations, organizations that provide support through times both good and bad, sometimes by nothing more than sheer force of will, to no other end than to raise the profile and better the foundation of the industry professional? Thanks should most definitely be given to the CFI; the PCUCA; the AWCC; the CCINW; the CRCII; the LMCCA; the MSPCA; the PCRA; the NEIRC; the SCRT; the NYRCI; the TRSCA and others. They and others are also to thank for the continuing success of the annual Connections Conference and Exhibition and Connections Convention and Trade Show.

Next up: The IICRC updated what is now known as ANSI/IICRC S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration, the first standard in the cleaning and restoration industry to achieve the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) acceptance. To some this may not seem that big a deal, but just wait and see where it will lead.

Thanks to the chemists: continued development of formulations and new applications are bringing the evolution of "green" cleaning chemicals to a place where performance is no longer just a footnote in the publicity machine. Environmentally conscious and demonstrable efficacy? There's a cause for applause. And what about the CRI and the Seal of Approval Program, testing solutions and equipment and certifying those that meet performance standards, making sure carpet cleaning products deliver expected results and to help customers identify those products?

Like I said, there's no room here to acknowledge everyone who made a difference this year, so the next time you come across someone who made an impact in your business, take the time to say "Thank you." It may mean more than you know.