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Advance walk-behind sweeper helps casino staff "clean up"

April 20, 2008

Plymouth, MN – The staff at Cache Creek Casino, hotel and resort in Brooks, CA, maintains 265,000 square feet of public space around 3,165 slot machines and 142 table-games 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  To clean such a high-traffic and multi-surface area as efficiently and effectively as possible, the casino’s housekeeping staff uses a new Advance Terra 28B walk-behind sweeper.

 According to Cindi Carnes, Cache Creek Casino’s executive housekeeper, the Advance Terra 28B sweeper works better on both hard and soft floors than any other equipment she has tried.  The sweeper is battery-powered, not corded, which helps improve cleaning productivity.  Because the sweeper is cord-free, casino staff can clean high-traffic areas during operating hours without compromising guest safety.  The unit’s maintenance-free gel battery reduces machine down-time.

Cache Creek uses three Terra 28B walk-behind sweepers for three shifts, putting up to four hours per day on a machine.  According to Carnes, the Casino staff has found the Advance equipment increases cleaning productivity.  With its 28-inch-wide sweep path, the Terra 28B cleans carpet with 2.5 times more productivity than a 28-inch wide-area vacuum (ISSA data).  Plus, the Terra 28B’s side broom eliminates the need for edge cleaning after sweeping.  Cleaning is also simplified by the unit’s “ASAP” (All Surface All Purpose) sweeping technology that allows operators to transition from one type of floor surface to another without changing broom types.

The specially designed broom can pick up all sizes of debris, including plastic bottles, paper and other trash.  The housekeeping staff at Cache Creek Casino appreciates the Terra 28B’s quiet operation-at just 59 db A, it’s one of the quietest sweepers in the industry. The hard- and soft-floor cleaning power of the Terra 28B helps Cache Creek’s cleaning staff maintain the casino with ease 24/7, and they’ve found that keeping their facilities clean doesn’t have to be a gamble.

The preceding article was furnished by Advance. For more information go to www.advance-us.com.