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Advertising That Brings Your Clients Back

August 18, 2009

Keeping in touch with clients is the smartest thing you can do in your business.

The people who have already used you are the most likely people in the world to call you again. So why spend your entire advertising budget attempting to pull in people who don’t know who you are? Spend some of your dollars on your current clients.

Sure, calling your clients or stopping by to see them could be very effective. But do you really have the time? And if you did, do all your clients want you calling or stopping by? Probably not.

That's where advertising comes in to solve your problems. You can use newsletters, postcards, sales letters, and email to effectively communicate your message and keep them coming back.

Over 70% of the time, cleaning clients can't remember who their last cleaner was. And if all you're relying on is the refrigerator magnet or bottle of spot remover you left them, you could be out of luck.

The fact of the matter is your clients are busy. It's your job to continuously remind them you are still in business and you want them to call you. It's even possible frequent communication can inspire them to call you more often.

Frequent communication connects you to your client base. You give them a chance to get to know you better with personalized messages. Staying in front of your clients keeps them from calling your competition.

Here's some excellent ways to advertise to your clients:

Newsletters delivered by direct mail
You can use a variety of newsletter formats. An 8 ½ x 11 inch page tri-folded and tabbed works well. But you can use any combo of pages and paper sizes. These are often used as a self mailer, which means they are mailed without an envelope with the address printed on the actual newsletter.

Postcards delivered by direct mail
These can be great for current clients since postcards are best used as reminders. You can use them as yearly reminders for cleaning or to announce a special offer. I've recently used oversized postcards as a newsletter styled postcard. These postcards use articles like a standard newsletter. With the extra space of a large postcard, you can add articles, pictures, and create something unique that stands out from other "junk" mail.

Sales letters delivered by direct mail
Yes, you can send sales letters to your current clients. These are great for announcing a new service or as a reminder letter to reactive old clients who haven't called you in a while. With a sales letter you can send one page or several pages. Use as many words as you like. Just make sure it offers something of value to your client and you'll get a great response.

Email marketing (the cheapest way)
Once you collect a client's email, it's nearly free to advertise to them. Set up an email newsletter that goes out once every other week. As well, yearly reminders for cleaning can be easily set up so they automatically get delivered out on a set date.

Word of Caution:
Email marketing is cheap. And it is one of the best ways to communicate with your clients. But it is NOT a replacement for an old fashioned newsletter in the mail. Many of your clients don't check email regularly and emails often get lost in spam filters. Relying on email alone to stay in touch with your most precious asset (your client) is risky business.

Communicate to your clients at least monthly through every way possible. Don't just stick with one. If you've been sending your clients newsletters, try a postcard. If you've been sending postcards, try a sales letter. And in addition, whatever you do, set up an email newsletter. It's the cheapest way to stay in touch with your clients.

Keep in touch often. The more communication you have with your clients, the more money you'll make.