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AF cost reduction move includes changes in custodial standards

November 20, 2009

MAXWELL -- The Air Force is changing custodial standards nationwide to save money, resulting in an overall base-wide reduction of services at Maxwell. Perhaps the most obvious change for the average person working at Maxwell is custodians will no longer be coming from cubicle to cubicle to collect trash.

Custodial services are divided up into four levels, prestige, academic, basic and special services, with much of the base falling into the basic category. Under the basic level of services, floors will be swept and mopped and carpets vacuumed once a week, and trash will be collected from a centralized location once a week. Walk-off mats also will be cleaned once a week. Restrooms will be serviced every two days, which includes trash collection, restocking of supplies and general cleaning and disinfecting. Periodic maintenance protocols include once-a-month buffing of floors and carpet cleaning and floors stripped and maintained once a year.

The academic level of custodial service includes more frequent servicing to accommodate the level of facility use, with restrooms serviced once during every 24-hour period when the facility is operational. Floors will be swept and mopped and carpets will be vacuumed five times a week. Periodic maintenance protocols include floors buffed twice a month, carpet cleaned once a year and floors stripped and maintained twice a year.