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Airtech to Provide No Cost Solution to ‘Sick Building Syndrome’

January 12, 2001
Dallas, Texas (Business Wire) -- Airtech International Group, Inc., an indoor air quality solutions provider, has launched a nationwide "Solutions Campaign" to address the Sick Building Syndrome through its IAQ Diagnostics Division and its Commercial Building Solutions Division.

Airtech has developed a program to offer new air purification equipment at no net cost to building owners, while providing improved air quality and reduced legal exposure to IAQ-related complaints or lawsuits. This program is designed to be beneficial to occupants, owners and property managers alike. The pass-through to the tenant will also be offset by savings in total Common Area Maintenance (CAM) costs. This is a win-win opportunity, and one of the most exciting breakthroughs the Company has made.

The highlights of the program for Building Owners include; (1) increase in rental rate (2) increase in net operating income on property (3) enhancement to attract new tenants and retain old (4) reduced threat of IAQ related litigation (5) enhanced tenant relations (6) rebates to building owners, tax credits with no capital outlay. The highlights of the program for Tenants include; (1) improved productivity for corporate staff (2) reduction in overall building utility expense (3) availability of designated smoke break rooms in certain buildings (4) after-hour access and operation with purified air quality. The net result is owner and tenant both save money. According to Urban Land Institute and Building Owners Management Association (BOMA), IAQ is the number three concern for tenants in office buildings behind rental rates and temperature.

The EPA estimates that 1.4 million commercial buildings in the US have health-threatening air quality. World Health Organization studies show that as much as 30 percent of buildings in the world have a problem with sick building syndrome.