ICS Magazine

All Aboard the Great Metal Bird to Freedom

May 17, 2008

You know you’ve worked a show well when, at its conclusion, you’re pleasantly exhausted and happy you went, but it’d take a stun gun and three guys from the Steelers’ O-line to drag you back inside.

The Connections Conference wrapped up today, and all in all it made for a good time, on the show floor and off. I have to say, I travel to six, maybe eight events a year, and based on how I usually feel afterward, I’m still in awe of the industry’s road warriors who put in the 30- or 40-week travel years on a regular basis, crisscrossing the country, teaching about this, consulting on that. No wonder Starbucks does such a booming business (that’s right Yeadon, I’m talking to you.).

So now I await the call to shuffle my way into the metal cylinder that physics says can depart the ground, but that emotion still says, Uh huh; hope the life insurance is paid up.

Hope you enjoyed your week; I know I’ve enjoyed mine.