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ARCS Educational Event Sees Expectations Exceeded

May 2, 2011

More than 40 rug care specialists from across the United States participated in Deep Dive at Deep Eddy, the first educational event sponsored by the recently formed Association of Rug Care Specialists (ARCS). The event, designed to be a hands-on learning opportunity for both experienced rug care professionals and newcomers to the profession, was held April 28-29 at Deep Eddy Rug Cleaners in Austin, Texas.

“The ARCS board set very high goals for this event and we exceeded every one of them,” said Bill Foulds, ARCS president. “The information sharing was incredible and the event paid dividends for everyone who participated. The high level of participation reflected the interest and enthusiasm that members of the rug care community continue to show for ARCS.”

Participants were able to evaluate a wide range of rug cleaning technology. Deep Eddy is one of the few facilities in the U.S. to feature pit cleaning, a Mor rinser/wringer, Greek centrifuge, and Butler stationary machine under one roof. In addition, it is home to the unique Rainwater Rug Cleaning System, which collects rainwater for the firm’s cleaning operation while simultaneously protecting the environment.

Deep Dive at Deep Eddy was a “transformational event in some ways,” according to Ken Adams, a veteran rug cleaner from Ithaca, New York. Much of the information-sharing was led by second and third generation rug cleaners in their mid-30s who were able to link time-tested techniques passed down from their families with the latest in rug care technology. It was evidence, Adams believes, that the baton is being passed to the next generation of rug care industry leaders and the future of the industry will be in good hands.