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ASCR Board Seeks New Executive Director

April 6, 2005
MILLERSVILLE, MD, April 6,2005 -- The Board of Directors of the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration (ASCR) is developing a strategic plan to drive membership growth by increasing the value the association provides its members, as well as expanding its impact on the cleaning and restoration industry.

"Tremendous progress has been made in the past five years solidifying the ASCR's financial situation and creating an infrastructure that will support the work of the organization," said ASCR president Bill Lakin. "Now it is time to build on the progress we've made and take the ASCR to a much higher level."

Accordingly, ASCR's current Executive Director, Larry Jacobson, will be leaving the Association effective April 6, 2005. The ASCR Board may name an interim manager for the Association while a search for a new Executive Director is conducted. The Search Committee will be chaired by Lakin, who will announce the other Committee members in the near term.

"Larry Jacobson's expertise is in building a solid foundation from which an association can grow and he has done an excellent job in that capacity for our organization," according to Lakin. "ASCR today is much stronger than it was when Larry inherited it five years ago. We appreciate his contributions and wish him well as he moves on to new challenges and opportunities."

The strategic plan being developed by the ASCR Board will be complete by mid-year. Lakin said it will address a range of issues including, but not limited to, membership growth, enhancing member benefits, maximizing efficiency and effectiveness, improving communications with members and non-members, and strengthening relationships with businesses that provide goods and services to the cleaning and restoration industry. Candidates for the ASCR Executive Director position will be primarily evaluated on their ability to execute this new plan.