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ASCR Conference Examines Environmental Issues

September 26, 2006
Columbia, Maryland, September 26, 2006 - Mold and hazardous materials clean-up in New Orleans, lead paint removal claims, cleaning up methamphetamine labs, quality control on mold jobs and disinfecting after the Norwalk virus will be the focus of ASCR International's Environmental Conference in Denver, Colo., on November 1.

"There are a host of issues restoration professionals are asked to handle on a regular basis, so it's crucial that they be informed and educated on these topics," said Environmental Council Chairman Art Johnson, CR, WLS, of Canstar Restoration, Inc.

"This conference provides an in-depth look at these critical areas, as well as the opportunity to network with their peers from around the world."

Several ASCR members participated on one of FEMA's mitigation assessment teams (MAT) in New Orleans to identify the environmental issues that needed to be addressed, examine the extent of the damage and determine what steps should be taken to restore affected properties. Members of the MAT team will present their testing results and provide first-hand reports on their findings.

The conference will be held at the Grand Hyatt Denver in conjunction with ASCR's Restoration Conference & Exhibition, Weathering the Storm 2: Survival, Prosperity and Marketing Leadership. The cost is $325 per person for members and $425 for non-members. An early-bird discount is available for those registering by Oct. 4. More information is available by phoning the conference hotline: (800) 272-7012 or visiting www.ascr.org.