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Ashkin Reveals Green Predictions for 2010

January 5, 2010

Bloomington, IN – January 4, 2010 - Stephen Ashkin, president of The Ashkin Group and Sustainable Tool, LLC and founder of the Green Cleaning Network and Green Cleaning University, has just released his “Green Predictions for 2010.”

  Ashkin has been the industry’s leading advocate for the use of environmentally preferable cleaning products and systems for almost two decades.

  Looking back, Ashkin recalls a time not too many years ago when his annual prediction was simply that “our industry would start taking a closer look at cleaning products that have less impact on the environment, users, and building occupants.  I am pleased to say we have come a very long way in the past few years,” says Ashkin.

  So what are his predictions for 2010?  Ashkin believes the following are not only “in the cards” but will likely materialize in 2010:
  • More consumer and household cleaning products will be Green certified; this will also bolster the use of Green certified cleaning products in the professional cleaning industry  
  • The industry’s first Green certified disinfectants will be available in the United States
  • More state and local governments will require Green Cleaning products and systems be used in educational and government facilities
  • Organizations, such as the Healthy Schools Campaign, Practice Greenhealth, the Green Hotel Association, and others, will grow in membership and influence 
  • More companies will require their vendors to demonstrate they are taking steps to become Greener and more sustainable
  • All segments of the professional cleaning industry-manufacturers, distributors, and facility service providers-will become more sustainable and environmentally responsible.
  Ashkin also believes 2010 may be the year that the professional cleaning industry is recognized for the leadership role it has played in promoting Green Cleaning and environmental responsibility. 

  “Our industry has made a big impact on so many businesses and [other] industries,” he adds.  “We have become a role model of what can be accomplished when an industry decides it is time to go Green.”