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AWCC Holds Annual Convention

February 1, 2002
Annual convention held

AWCC President Jeff Pintor thanks Dri-Eaz instructor and exhibitor Pat Dooley for his assistance in making the Cleaning College a success.

The Association of Wisconsin Cleaning Contractors (AWCC) recently held its annual convention in Milwaukee, and once again the Midwest's finest converged on the Dairy State to improve their craft.

The AWCC has continually put on quality conventions. This year was no different. Attendees were mostly from Wisconsin, but cleaning contractors from other Midwestern states such as Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan and Indiana made sure they did not miss out on the success-building seminars.

The Cleaning College was called to order, and the Midwest's finest were definitely in their seats at the ring of the bell. Quality Education Takes Cleaners to the Top

The AWCC prides itself on quality educational experiences, and 2001 has been a banner year for the Cleaning College.

The convention kicked off with two all-day sessions on Thursday. Pat Dooley of Dri-Eaz handled a full classroom of rowdy cleaners excited to learn more about Water Restoration. Bob Merkt handled the other all-day course. He taught hard floor experts and newcomers to the biz the profitability and ease of cleaning hard floors.

The educational programs have been putting out graduates all year long, but the culmination of the year's efforts could be found at the annual meeting. Friday's classes featured two of the industry's best speakers: Jeff Bishop and Howard Partridge. Bishop handled two half-day sessions, one on the newest developments in Water Restoration and the other on the top 10 complaints in carpet maintenance. Partridge informed Wisconsin's best on how to make their profits soar in his Increasing Profits seminar.

Other local speakers made the AWCC proud as well. Kent Rawhouser tackled the difficult subjects of mold and mildew. Also invited to speak was attorney Eric Hobbs who discussed the legal traps involved in the hiring and firing processes for small business owners.

Making the Connections
Not only did the quality education help the attendees, but the trade show offered the tools the attendees needed to succeed as well. Vendors from around the country flew into Milwaukee to show off the newest equipment in the industry, and attendees flocked to the exhibit hall to find out how to improve their business. The vendors made the necessary connections with their prospective customers, and attendees realized who goes the extra distance to get customers in this sometimes too quickly paced world.

Why the Cleaning College is the Right Choice for Aspiring Companies
A common theme throughout the convention was that the most successful cleaners keep coming back to the educational opportunities, and the new cleaners who know the secret to success make it a point to attend.

There are thousands of cleaning companies in the mid west, yet the ones who succeed are the ones that take the time to invest in enriching their technicians and keeping on top of the new developments in the industry. Working 52 weeks a year may put money in your pocket this year, but that doesn't necessarily keep you on top of your game.

The success stories in this industry do not come from the people who keep doing the same-old, same-old; they come from those who invest in their ability to learn about and to adjust to a changing marketplace. What it comes down to is whether cleaners want to be just another company or an industry leader. For those that are partial to the latter, the Cleaning College has been and will be there for you.

For more information on the AWCC and the Cleaning College, call (800) 236-7200 or check out the AWCC Web site at www.awcconline.org.