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Bane-Clene’s 39th Anniversary celebrates the success of a family

February 6, 2001
On Feb. 4, 1962, a “mom-and-pop” business was born, one that has now grown into a multi-million dollar corporation of international scope. Bill and Elizabeth Bane and their two sons, Bill Jr. and Don, started a part-time business to earn enough for tuition for Bill Jr. and Don to attend an expensive preparatory school. What started out as a “second-income” business, culminated recently in a meeting in Indianapolis that brought hundreds of people together for the 25th Success Seminar sponsored by Bane Clene Corp. Scott McKain, a motivational speaker, gave the keynote address and Jonathan Trivers, a marketing expert, author and carpet industry writer, gave a presentation on how to stay competitive in the years ahead. Bane-Clene serves as a supplier to more than 15,000 professional carpet cleaners worldwide.