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BMS Catastrophe mobilizes forces to assist D.C., NYC recovery efforts

November 16, 2001
BMS Catastrophe is assisting with damage assessment and recovery efforts in both New York and Washington DC following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

FT. WORTH, Texas -- BMS Catastrophe (BMS CAT), a worldwide disaster recovery company, said it is assisting with the damage assessment and recovery efforts in both New York and Washington DC. The company mobilized equipment and personnel from around the country to the two cities affected by September's terrorist attacks.

"While the firemen, police and other recovery personnel have been working around the clock at the World Trade Center (WTC) and the Pentagon, we have been working behind the scenes since the day after the attacks with the many corporations affected by this tragedy," said Lloyd Swiggum, president of BMS Catastrophe/Steamatic. "We immediately directed equipment and personnel to the two sites and have been working with companies to restore their documents and vital records, electronic data and other core information so that their operations can once again become productive elements in our recovering economy."

The restoration activities underway in New York and Washington DC include:
Debris removal and cleaning -- Shattered glass, debris from walls, false ceilings and contents, dust removal and clean up.
Elevator shafts/stairwells -- Due to the natural bellows effect common to elevator shafts and stairwells, much of the contamination moves vertically through properties affected necessitating restoration services to structural components contained within elevator shafts and stairwells.
Deodorization -- Elimination of odors resulting from fire, smoke and debris.
Water damage -- Several structures experienced water damage from broken pipes and fire suppression sprinkler discharges triggered by motion and smoke.
Dehumidification -- High-volume desiccant dehumidifiers are being used to extract moisture from structures and contents. Desiccant units are removing as much as 300-800 gallons of moisture per day from structures in order to stabilize the environment, stop mold amplification and arrest corrosion resulting from the high humidity levels.
Documents, books and vital records -- With water damage being a major concern in the surrounding buildings, BMS CAT has utilized its sublimation drying process to restore critical documents and records.
HVAC system decontamination -- The high level of dust that occurred during the collapse of structures, contaminated many of the surrounding air circulation systems. HVAC systems are being cleaned, deodorized and readied for use.
Media -- Data recovery from hard disks, microfilm, microfiche, optical media, magnetic tapes and diskettes damaged from water, soot and humidity exposure.

Founded in 1981, BMS CAT specializes in commercial and industrial property damage restoration following fires, floods, earthquakes and other catastrophic events. It is an affiliate company of Steamatic, Inc./BMS Technologies (BMS Tech), a worldwide franchise system of cleaning and restoration services. BMS CAT has 13 U.S. regional offices and a full-time staff of industry experts including Project Managers, Supervisors, Technicians, Scientists, Engineers, and Special Technologies experts. Steamatic/BMS Tech is located in 23 countries with 400 U.S. franchise territories.

For further information, please visit our website at www.BMSCAT.com or call Teri Hill at 800-433-2940.