ICS Magazine

Bolden’s HydroLab Under Construction

June 28, 2000
Bolden’s Mfg. has announced the development of its HydroLab, a 7,000 sq. ft. lab that features two identical houses that will be flooded and extracted using various techniques and equipment. Bill Yeadon, IICRC instructor, will conduct the training classes.

One of the houses will have the pad removed and dried using conventional methods, while the other house will be extracted and dried with the in place using top-down, or Vortex drying, the company says. The rooms have been designed with partial clear Lexan walls so work can be monitored from the classroom. Additional features include: specially designed incubators for studying mold; sensors placed in difficult-to-dry areas; and on on-site microbiologist to run continuous tests each time the buildings are flooded.

Other sections of the HydroLab will be dedicated to the study of any and all equipment used in the restoration field. The grand opening has been scheduled for mid-summer.