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Bulletin Board a good source of information

March 10, 2002
Letters to the Editor

To The Editor:

I constantly try to get more of my friends in the business to frequent this (ICS Cleaning Specialist Bulletin) Board. Some do as lurkers, which is o.k. But I wish they were more active. This board is the best source of information for cleaners anywhere. Why? Because it is not biased information from distributors who have agendas to sell their equipment; it is not biased from manufacturers who have agendas to sell what they make; it is not biased by people who only use a certain method.

We are all here! All sizes of companies. All sorts of equipment. All areas of the country, even the world. Young companies, old companies, and everything in between. I personally have become a better cleaner and businessman because of this board. Any cleaner who does not frequent this board, and participate, is hurting their business in at least a small way.

Todd McLean (ToddJ7474@mac.com)