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Certified Firms and Registrants: It's Up to You

April 10, 2006
Most of the people I encounter are glad to find out that the IICRC is, in fact, not larger than life, but run by regular, everyday folks just like themselves. This has prompted me to reach out to everyone in the industry that wants to help make a difference, whether by joining a committee, making suggestions or recommendations to the IICRC, or just promoting the organization to the consuming public, your competition, carpet retailers, insurance companies, property managers, and anyone else you do work for.

We have the ability to make the IICRC a household name. I urge you to learn and understand how the IICRC is organized, how the decisions and consensus reached by the IICRC certification council are ratified and approved by the IICRC board of directors to become IICRC policy.

The IICRC board of directors has always made its decisions and policies in what it considers to be the best interests of the registrants and the industry as a whole. It is critical that you, as the registrants and firms of the IICRC, understand that you have the largest voice in the activities and direction that the IICRC is taking. The needs and challenges of the cleaning, restoration, and inspection industry must be constructively conveyed to the administration, the board, and the trade advisory committees of IICRC, so that your ideas and suggestions can be considered, evaluated, and addressed.

There are many ways to get your ideas, suggestions and concerns heard by the IICRC. Every member of the executive committee, the board of directors, the certification council and the staff at IICRC headquarters is willing to listen to your input.

There are standards committees, standing committees, trade advisory committees and certification task forces working on improving and creating the IICRC certified courses we use and value so much. Registrant suggestions on what information and topics need to be included or improved within these courses is imperative to ensure that the education provided is meeting the every day needs of the registrants and their businesses. As new technologies and other advancements in equipment are continually being developed, the registrants need to voice the challenges they face with their training. Any registrant who would like to participate in the revision and or development of any IICRC course can go to the IICRC Web site to see a complete list of the established committees available, along with the contact information for the committee chair.

Participation at the regional trade association level is also a great way to voice your opinion. The IICRC has 16 shareholder trade associations. Your support of these groups is great way to stay involved locally while having an international impact on the industry. Trade association membership has always been a great value.

Course evaluations that registrants are asked to complete when they have finished an IICRC approved course are used to help us to know if the courses are benefiting the registrants and how they can be improved. Take advantage of this communication channel. All evaluations are read and used to evaluate the success of the certification courses.

Remember, this is your IICRC. Please participate to help make the industry a better place for all us. It's up to you!