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February 1, 2002
CFI Member News

Sixty-three savvy, carpet-cleaning professionals attended the recent CFI Convention and Trade Show at a 75 percent discount. Instead of paying $295, they chose to pay only $73.75 (explanation below). Two attendees won a weeklong Hawaiian Holiday (including air fare), a lucky attendee won a free convention registration for next year's event, another a free exhibitor's trade show booth. Others bought valuable products at discounted prices at our silent and verbal auctions, and many attendees purchased new machines and accessories at terrific "trade show" prices.

These smart people will also save another $778.75 in the coming year on IICRC training, marketing and business seminars.

I sit here wondering why any attendee would prefer to pay full price or pass up on these savings. I realize that these are the same business people who select their cleaning solutions based upon low price rather than effectiveness, don't bother to send thank you notes to clients, refuse to invest in uniform shirts for technicians and generally fail to do most, if not all, of the things they are urged to do by industry leaders.

All anyone has to do to attend next year's convention - this year's convention, as well - in Sacramento at such a discount is fill out a simple one page application form for a WFCA scholarship. Call me at 800-CARPET9 if you need further information.

I keep a file by my desk in the CFI office of training classes available in our region (California, Arizona and Nevada). When someone calls regarding certification training, I like to be able to refer the caller to an upcoming school so they can become professionals in this exciting field. There's a lot out there: Technical training; marketing seminars; business management seminars; specialty seminars and conventions. In Southern California we have one of the nation's few permanent certification schools in he Academy of Textiles & Flooring. As I write this, there are two IICRC training courses in session within an hour of me.

There are CFI chapter meetings or Regional Education Days in one geographic area or another almost every month. There are fellow cleaners who are willing to help with challenges your company may not be able to handle. There is a technical help line open for calls Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. There is a Resource Library with thousands of dollars of material that can be loaned out for the cost of shipping.

The CFI has an insurance program that saves some members over ten times the amount of their member dues.

All it takes is a toll free call to 800-CARPET9 to find out how you can take advantage of these business benefits. Find out how to run your business more effectively, enjoy your profits with your family, earn more in less time, and with less effort, save on insurance, and so many other things.