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CFI holds Los Angeles chapter gathering, discusses mold remediation

August 14, 2002
The Los Angeles chapter of the Carpet & Fabricare Institute (CFI) held its monthly meeting July 10 at Coastline Cleaning & Restoration Co.'s Signal Hill, Calif. facility. Approximately 50 industry professionals attended the mold-focused event, which was co-sponsored by Coastline and Aramsco. The event began with a barbecue, followed by talks by Aramsco President Ray Ehrhardt and Patrick Moffett, president of Environmental Management & Engineering, Inc.

Ehrhardt detailed a full range of products and equipment necessary for mold remediation and water damage restoration, defining a number of important terms for those entering the field. Moffett outlined the basic principles of personal and business protection needed before getting into mold remediation, as well as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. Moffett also discussed liability, proper work authorizations and written plans and compliance.

For more information contact the CFI (800)-CARPET-9 or at www.carpet9.org.