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Chemical release contained; no injuries, water pollution Reported

August 16, 2001
Reichhold reports chemical release

NEWARK, N.J. -- Reichhold, Inc., a manufacturer of adhesives, coating resins, polyester resins and synthetic latex emulsions for the textile and carpet markets, on Aug. 13 announced that its Newark, N.J. manufacturing facility had a chemical release of phthalic anhydride molten, a chemical used in the manufacture of coating resins.

No injuries, personnel exposure or environmental damage was reported. The spill was contained in a concrete protective dike that surrounds the phthalic storage tank.

The chemical spill did not contaminate nearby water areas as Reichhold responded with its emergency response contractor to determine the exact cause of the spill and to conduct and monitor clean up efforts. A part of the plant operations was curtailed at the facility until the clean up is completed.

Reichhold, with its world headquarters and technology center in Research Triangle Park, N.C., is a subsidiary of Dainippon Ink & Chemicals (Tokyo, 4631), the world's largest producer of printing inks and polyester resins.