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Chemspec founder Hughes dies

August 1, 2011
On July 22, Robert (Bob) Hughes one of the founders of Chemspec passed away in Maryland. He was 87 years old.

“I knew Mr. Hughes since Chemspec started back in 1968 when Maria Kail, my sister, started to work for them,” Fran Elliot, Chemspec customer service supervisor, said.

”I started part-time with Chemspec back in 1973. I remember that Mr. Hughes always made or had the time to help me with any questions from customers if I could not help them. He enjoyed talking to our customers and had a great relationship with them. He always enjoyed having lunch with the girls in the office, and we laughed a lot with all of our stories and discussions.

”To this day I still have customer who remember Mr. Hughes and always ask about him,” Elliot said. “He will truly be missed.”