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CIMS Going Green

July 21, 2009

Lincolnwood, IL, USA, -- July 20, 2009-- To meet the growing demand for “green” and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, ISSAis expanding its popular Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) andcertification program. The expansion includes a new designation based onenvironmental-preferability criteria that is expected to be focusedprimarily on the specific green cleaning requirements of the LEED forExisting Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (LEED-EB: O&M) Green BuildingRating System.

Intended to be implemented as the sixth dimension of CIMS, this newdesignation, CIMS-GB, will offer cleaning organizations an optionalcertification that is closely tailored to provide their customers withprecisely what they need to secure LEED-EB: O&M points while greening theiroperations overall.

“The response to our initial market research was unanimous: Adding anoptional green section to the Standard is the natural next step in theevolution of the CIMS program and answers a specific market demand,” saidISSA Director of Facility Service Programs Dan Wagner. “Many organizations,including those that have achieved CIMS certification, have been asked tovalidate their ability to assist customers in achieving LEED certification,yet no such program currently exists that speaks directly to the LEEDcriteria. Ultimately, this new dimension of CIMS will help organizationsfulfill their desire for both an effective management standard andgreen-services certification.”

Development of the CIMS-GB program is underway. A nine-member primarytechnical committee, including representatives of all industry segments, hasbeen assembled to develop criteria through a consensus-based process. Allcriteria will then be subject to public review, which will take place duringthe month of August 2009. Criteria will be based primarily on those elementsof LEED-EB: O&M that allow a facility to achieve points toward certificationfor green cleaning activities.  Individuals interested in participating inthe public review should visit www.issa.com/cims in August to view thepreliminary draft criteria.

“Although the consensus-based process will have the final say regarding thecriteria, our expectation is that it will be closely aligned with thespecific requirements of LEED,” noted Wagner. “That is certainly not to saythat the criteria will mirror exactly what is specified in LEED. One of thegoals of CIMS-GB development is to raise the bar and encourage cleaningorganizations to take steps to offer more environmentally preferable andsustainable options, which will likely necessitate that the criteria differfrom LEED in some instances.”

ISSA intends for the final CIMS-GB criteria to be published atISSA/INTERCLEAN® North America 2009, in Chicago, IL, October 6-9, 2009.Organizations will then be able to certify to the CIMS-GB designationfollowing publication.