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Cleaning Firm Ordered to Pay $9.4M in Damages

November 20, 2000
Oakland, Calif. -- In a 9-3 decision, a civil jury has decided that America’s Best Carpet Care must pay $9.4 million in damages to the widower of an Oakland, Calif. pediatrician who was stabbed to death by the company’s contractor.

America’s Best Carpet Care must pay economic and non-economic damages for the May 5, 1998, slaying of Kerry Spooner-Dean.

On Nov. 7, the Alameda County Superior Court jury found the company negligent for not properly screening Jerrol Glenn Woods of Vallejo, Calif., who it was discovered after the unfortunate incident, had a felonious and violent record, before sending him to Spooner-Dean’s home.

Woods was sentenced in August 1998 to life in prison without parole.