ICS Magazine

Clearing Up the Rapid Response

December 10, 2002
Happy holidays to everyone. This is the time of year when we tend to both look to the future and reflect on the past year. Looking toward the future, we are busy building our business plans for next year and, and scheduling that vacation we missed last year.

It is also the time of year for family. Thanksgiving, a cherished annual event that brings families together for a couple of days has just come and gone, and now we head into the end-of-year merriment of Christmas. It’s a bit chaotic, but remember, your business will always be there tomorrow. Make sure you take time to spend with your family; this is not one of those things you want to put off until tomorrow.

I would like to discuss this month about IICRC’s Rapid Response articles. There seems to be a lot of confusion about them. These articles are the brainchild of our marketing committee, chaired by Ruth Travis, and Fletcher/Martin Ewing, our public relations organization.

The IICRC’s technical committee writes the articles, which the marketing committee then distribute. The articles are sent to areas where there have been natural disasters or bad press about cleaners or restorers. They are sent to local media in the area with the purpose of explaining the proper procedures for handling the problems being faced in that area. The articles include information on how people can contact the IICRC for referrals for certified cleaners or restorers, as well as how to contact an expert in their area.

This is where the confusion occurs. If a media source wants to interview an expert, the article lists a contact for Fletcher/Martin Ewing, who in turn will be able to identify a qualified professional.

Fletcher/Martin Ewing’s first criteria for locating an expert is to locate a certified firm with a master cleaner or master restorer who is certified in problem category. If there is not a qualified firm with these credentials, they will next look for a technician with an IICRC certification in the area of need. Fletcher/Martin Ewing will call that individual, find out if they have a job in progress, and ask if he or she would like to be interviewed by the media. The reason they ask if there is a job in progress is because, in the case of television, the crew needs film to go with their interview. We are working on having prepared, previously filmed material available so it is not necessary that a job be in progress for the interview to take place.

Fletcher/Martin Ewing will also help you prepare by telling you the type of questions that the station will ask.

As you can see, this works for everybody. It gets the much-needed information on how to find a qualified professional and how to have the job done properly out to the consumers, and it works for you, the IICRC-certified firm and registrant, because you have visibility for yourself and your company through the media for the minor costs of your certified firm and registrant fees.

Happy holidays to all, and we’ll see you next year!