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Companies Join Katrina Cleanup Effort

September 12, 2005
Disaster Kleenup Intenational announced that it is sponsoring a Hurricane Katrina Relief Drive in an effort to provide a means for individuals and companies to donate items to those affected by the devastation.

For those in the Bensenville, Ill. area, DKI is accepting any items that people are able to offer, including: clothes, non-perishable food, toiletries, bottled water, toys and school supplies. The drop-off location is 611 Busse Rd., Ste. 205, Bensenville, 60106.

For those interested in making financial contributions, visit DKI's Web site at www.disasterkleenup.com to donate directly to the Red Cross.

"Even for those of us who see disaster on a daily basis as part of our jobs, the immense scale of the devastation from Katrina is beyond rational comprehension," DKI President Dale Sailer said. "Our relief drive is just another avenue for individuals to provide their support."

Company Makes Equipment Donation

Fein Power Tools, Inc is donating 450 wet/dry industrial vacuums for help with Hurricane Katrina cleanup. A group of volunteers will repackage the vacuums with the proper accessories with shipment and distribution being handled by the Brother's Brother Foundation in Pittsburgh.

Fein, established in 1867 in Stuttgart, Germany, manufactures high performance power tools for the; metal working, wood working, construction, maintenance, automotive, glazing, floor covering and composites industries.

Coalition traveling to flood-ravaged Gulf Coast

Don Watson, owner of a Rainbow International franchise in Lincoln, Neb., has commissioned a crew of workers to join a Rainbow International coalition of over 100 restoration crews from all over the country who are traveling to the flood-ravaged Gulf Coast.

The team packed up trucks and trailers with as much equipment and supplies as they can hold and left for Mississippi on Sept 9. They have already begun to start working to restore salvageable homes damaged by the water and to help in the removal of the debris from the unsalvageable structures.

The team is trained and equipped with the technology and equipment to allow them to dry out and preserve the structural integrity of the walls, ceilings, and floors in these homes, the company said. With the proper drying techniques, many homes can and will be saved.